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15 Indispensable Things You Need for Homeschooling Children

9 minute read

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Getting the right homeschool supplies is a principal factor for homeschooling success.

You may have seen countless back-to-school materials guide on the internet. While these lists are great, what about the school supplies homeschoolers need?

Parents must understand that homeschooling is distinct from public education on so many levels. This includes the curriculum, the environment, and the homeschool supplies needed by the kids.

So if you plan to homeschool your children, getting the tools for the task is imperative. But what do you need to homeschool?

We have carefully selected the top 15 things you need for homeschooling your kids. If you haven't bought their supplies yet, then this is a perfect checklist to consider.

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Checklist 101: Things You Need for Homeschooling



We divided the tools into two categories: Essential and supplemental. Both of them contribute significant roles to ensure your kids' homeschooling success. But the contrast can help you allocate your budget to more pressing priorities. 


Essential Homeschool Supplies

Essential homeschool materials are the must-haves when homeschooling. Things you need for homeschooling that shouldn't be out of the checklist.


Good Quality Pencils


As King Arthur wields his Excalibur, children use their mighty pencils. That's right, the first on the list of homeschool supplies are pencils. 

You might think that any handful of pencils will get the job done, right? We hate to break the bubble, but no.

We're not simply talking about any pencil, we refer to the high-quality ones.

Steer away from pencils that have cute pictures along the body. Your kids might like the aesthetics, but they certainly won't enjoy using them. One sharpening then the wood breaks and the lead falls off.

Look for high-quality pencils. They might cost higher upfront but they are durable so you essentially save more in the long run.


Trusty Pencil Sharpener


The importance of a reliable pencil sharpener cannot be stressed enough. A high-quality pencil is useless if your sharpener is always on the fritz.

The second tool in your homeschool supplies checklist should be a trusty, industry-grade sharpener. They cost more from the get-go, but not as expensive as having to buy a new sharpener week after week.

Go for homeschool supplies that can last for years without replacement!


Art Supplies


Kids are dynamic beings that are filled with life. That's why they cannot be studying all the time. Children need an outlet to express and practice their artistic juices. That said, art supplies are things you need for homeschooling. 

It can be tempting to save a dollar here and there with knockoffs. But the quality and durability are not as desirable as branded supplies. 

We recommend buying only the essential but high-quality art supplies if you wish to save some bucks. Here are a notable few art things you need for homeschooling:

  • Crayons that can color the page legibly and are not brittle

  • Scissors that are durable and safe for kids

  • High-quality glue works longer and only needs a few amounts to work

  • Choose bond papers that are thick and high-quality

  • Colored paper for their art activities


Tabletop Organizers


A cabinet to store the homeschool supplies you have amassed is okay, but it can be better. 

Tabletop organizers give easy access to kids' homeschool materials like pencils and crayons. This way, you no longer need to jam their cabinets with supplies. In the same way, you don't need to empty their pencil pouches to look for that missing pink crayon.

A tabletop organizer is one-top storage for their small homeschool supplies. Definitely, things you need for homeschooling.


Storage for Materials


If tabletop organizers manage small homeschool materials, a dedicated storage area keeps the paperwork intact.

Instead of dumping papers and worksheets in cabinets, why not keep them in nearby storage. Dedicated storage adds accessibility and helps in keeping things organized. 

If books are part of your homeschool materials then kids can also put them there for easy access the day after.


Sturdy Work Station


Your home classroom must be an area in the house where there are little to no distractions. Unless you have a table intended for the area, a workstation is one of the things you need for homeschooling.

The workstation must be amply sized to accommodate your kids' homeschool supplies. Also, sturdy enough to last them many school years. 


White Board and Dry Erase Markers


What good is a homeschool without a board you can use in teaching? A whiteboard and dry erase markers are things you need for homeschooling.

Instead of papers, you may opt to facilitate the lessons on a whiteboard. This way, children can be more attentive in lessons. Writings are also legible when done on a whiteboard so kids can cope with class better.


A Choice Printer


There are countless curriculum, worksheets, and projects you can access online. These can be helpful especially if you homeschool, without prior teaching experiences. 

A choice printer is one of the things you need for homeschooling. You need to print countless materials in the process, and having a printer at your disposal makes the job easier.

Go for a good quality printer that's versatile that can print, scan, and fax. One that you may also use for your office paperwork.


Reasonably-Priced Laptop


One major difference between homeschooling vs public education is access to facilities. This is one aspect you have to make up for when homeschooling.

A laptop is a handy device for kids to do their independent learning or research. Plus, it can be a source of leisure once classes have ended.

Always look for the specs sheet before buying one. There are many bang-for-your-buck laptops available in the market, choose one that suits your budget. We recommend watching reviews to see whether the device meets your criteria.


A Library Card


Homeschooling does not mean keeping your kids stuck at home. If a laptop is a bit beyond the budget, then a library card may suffice. Although not necessarily a homeschool supply, a library card lets kids have access to printed resources that they can learn from.

These are certain things you need for homeschooling. Especially essential when dealing with lessons that are a bit complex.


Supplemental Homeschool Materials

As the name suggests, supplemental homeschool materials aid in supporting kids' homeschool learnings. They are not necessarily required, but can be very helpful to achieve homeschooling success!


Math Manipulatives


Math manipulatives can sometimes be things you need for homeschooling. The pedagogical reason for using math manipulatives is to help children understand mathematics.

Manipulatives serve as concrete examples to bring meaning to abstract mathematical concepts. The visual models refine their understanding further and lift the kids off textbooks. Awesome homeschool materials where kids can verify their reasoning and solve problems.




Science toys for kids might also be things you need for homeschooling. Unlike public education, homeschooling gives parents opportunities to employ non-conventional learning strategies. STEM toys are homeschool materials for this purpose.

STEM toys give kids the window to put science into action. In this regard, playing with them conveys both fun and learning to the kids. Our portable microscope, for example, allows children to explore the microscopic world discussed in the textbooks. This reinforces their learning and verifies any doubts.

Ultimately, it is a great companion for outdoor (and indoor!) kids' exploration!


Educational games


Educational games are not things you need for homeschooling classes per se. But they can be great homeschool materials to teach concepts outside the classroom.

Educational games masquerade as mere fun games (and they indeed are!) but underneath, they aim to teach fundamental concepts to kids. We've heard of the classics like scrabble and chess, here are new must-tries:

  • Moonpreneurship helps children cultivate the entrepreneur within them. Aside from math, communication and negotiation skills are practiced.

  • Math Rush develops the speed math capabilities of your kids. An awesome way to become arithmetic experts. From basic operations to cooperation and sequencing, kids will get to practice.

  • Covalence is the perfect game for promising chemistry whizzes. Train kids' logic and problem-solving skills using this organic chemistry board game set.




The study of geography is always a part of the teaching curriculum. That said, a globe might be one of the things you need for homeschooling. The advantage of using globes is that it promotes visual accuracy compared to a boring flat map.

Here is what we use to learn geography. It's built with an integrated LED light which makes it an awesome kids' lampshade as well.


Analog Clock


From phones to microwaves, to cable boxes. These are all objects where kids can check the time with ease. Unfortunately, reading analog clocks have been a declining skill, especially for children.

An analog clock can aid in reviving this essential skill in your child. You can teach them this skill and make it the staple time identifier in the household. This way kids can practice!


Looking for STEM Toys?

STEM toys might be your missing piece for homeschooling success. Let kids put science into practice with these cool homeschool materials.

If you want a durable, lightweight, and drop-resistant toy to accompany kids in their explorations, try our portable microscope out! An awesome science gadget that lets kids see the world's beauty hidden from our naked eyes.

TheSTEMKids portable microscope is on a 15% OFF SALE and we offer FREE DELIVERY for a limited time only! 

Better be hasty, a hidden world to discover awaits!

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