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10 Awesome Science Movies for Kids that Inspire Brilliance

9 minute read

10 Awesome Science Movies for Kids that Inspire Brilliance Banner Image

"I hate technology because they might take over us someday."

No, this is not me saying I'm anti-progress; this is the 15-year old me's reaction after watching a VHS of 2001: A Space Odyssey, way back when.

Perhaps most early Millennials and Gen X parents like me can agree that technology used to be a dreaded subject. But now that we're approaching that era and technophobia is an obsolete principle, it's high time that we embrace it.

Indeed, misuse of technology can be a problem. But, if we make it productive, like watching educational shows for kids or streaming STEM family movies, we impart a variety of new lessons that our kids can learn from.

There are tons of great science movies to introduce our children to the beautiful field of STEM. Here are a few you should consider for your next family movie night. Plus, we included some helpful questions to spark a good family discussion!


Best STEM Family Movies to Watch Next!


1. Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures

Why we chose it: 

Hidden figures is one of the best science movies based on a true story. This inspiring educational film focuses on three African-American female protagonists that were instrumental for America's space missions in the 50s and 60s. Aside from scientific principles shown in this STEM movie, it also delves into discussing sensitive subjects like gender and racism. A must-watch STEM family movie!

Key lesson:

Never let your race nor gender limit what you can contribute to society.

Discussion questions:

  • How does a person's gender or race impact STEM fields?

  • Who do you think are the hidden figures in the community today? Why do you think so?


2. The Martian

Why we chose it:

Real STEM principles and science fiction collide in this space sci-fi thriller. The story follows an astronaut played by Matt Damon, who gets stranded on Mars and struggles to survive. Using scientific problem-solving techniques and his expertise, can he get back to safety? It's a splendid science movie for kids that teaches real-life survival skills and the relevance of STEM situations as dire as the one presented.

Key lesson:

Keep working no matter how much the odds are against you. When faced with problems, get back to the drawing board and strategize!

Discussion questions:

  • Have you faced problems before that you found impossible to conquer? What did you do?

  • How does the story of Mark Watney challenge your views on facing problems?


3. Dream Big: Engineering Our World

Dream Big Movie Poster

Why we chose it:

This documentary STEM film features the lives of many notable engineers coming from different backgrounds. Most of the featured engineers in this science movie are women, which is an excellent girl-power message. Witness the world of impressive structures and projects from some of the world's best engineers — a great inspiration-inciting science movie for kids who want to pursue engineering someday.

Key lesson:

Kids from diverse backgrounds can become innovators that spearhead improving people's lives across the globe.

Discussion questions:

  • How is engineering relevant to our daily lives?

  • Why do you think the film presented more female engineers?

  • Should we promote diversity not only in engineering but in various careers?


4. Underwater Dreams

Underwater Dreams Movie Poster

Why we chose it:

Everyone roots for the underdog, and this science tale will make you cheer for the protagonists as they compete in a hundred-to-one shot against some of the most prominent universities in a robotics competition. The STEM movie is inspired by true undocumented events following the lives of Mexican immigrants' sons as they build underwater robots. 

Key lesson:

With the right kind of inspiration, determination, strategy, and some luck, anyone can beat all odds and overcome Goliaths.

Discussion questions:

  • What characteristics do you think the kids in this science movie have that empowered them to conquer obstacles?

  • What do you think is the message that this film tries to convey? Why do you think so?


5. Apollo 13

Apollo 13 Movie Poster

Why we chose it:

Another one of those science movies for kids that were inspired by actual events. This space film tackles the lives of astronauts on board Apollo 13 in their moon expedition. After a spacecraft tragedy that blurred their chances of survival, the STEM family movie highlights the DIY solutions and the incredible determination they had to brave through the challenges and land safely back on earth. 

Key lesson:

There is more to problem-solving skills to best difficulties. Effective leadership, clear communication, unrelenting courage, and teamwork all matter just as much.

Discussion questions:

  • How do you react when faced with challenges that seem too difficult to overcome?

  • How did the astronauts change your views on facing problems? 


6. The Lego Movie

The Lego Movie

Why we chose it:

Lego might not be your first go-to for an animated sci-fi movie, but this film speaks up close and personal to the builders within us. Creative engineering solutions and teamwork is the central theme of this hilarious action-comedy movie. Don't underestimate the lessons that kids can learn from this wonderful STEM family movie!

Key lesson:

There is no instruction manual to guide you through life. You may choose to follow the rules, but there will be moments when creativity and problem-solving skills are all you have for survival. 

Discussion questions:

  • What lesson can you get from Emmet's storyline?

  • How do you think of Lord Business and his attitude?

7. Big Hero 6

Why we chose it:

Most kids (if not all) love superheroes, and I must say I love them too! Big Hero 6 is another animated STEM family flick that follows the lives of self-made superheroes using their inventions. Witness a 14-year old genius, along with his inventive friends, battle it out with an evil scientist using their skills in chemistry and engineering — a great family science movie to inspire kiddos in their STEM pursuit!

Key lesson:

Friendship and teamwork matter just as much as skills to overcome obstacles. Most of the time, we unleash our inner heroes when our friends need us.

Discussion questions:

  • Did Hiro have the right motivation for his creativity? Why do you think so?

  • Would you have done the same thing Hiro did in the end?

  • Are you surrounded by the same friends that Hiro has (helpful and dependable)?


8. Wall-E

Wall-E Movie Poster

Why we chose it:

This animated science movie focuses more on the potential impact of technology and how humans are destroying the planet. Of course, technology isn't bad, but misuse can have negative repercussions, as I said earlier. The story follows the tale of a robot tasked to look over the dystopian earth after people have migrated to space. Believe me that this movie will stir up some emotions and thoughts on what lies in the future. 

Key lesson:

Progress, development, and technological advancements are good, but they must never be at the cost of the environment.

Discussion questions:

  • Do you think the event in Wall-E can potentially happen in the future? How so?

  • What do you think we can do today to mitigate the dire fate that may await future generations?


9. Meet the Robinsons

Meet the Robinsons Movie Poster

Why we chose it:

Another science fiction animated movie that is more bonding-oriented than STEM. Nevertheless, this film features some futuristic visions of tomorrow and time machines! (If that's not STEM enough for you, then we don't know what is). Watch as Lewis gets whisked away into the future by a random kid and uncovers a big secret.  

Key lesson:

Keep on your course and forge ahead. Never allow setbacks and obstacles to block your path to success!

Discussion questions:

  • Given Lewis' motivation for ingenuity, what is your most fond family memory and why?

  • Why is it essential that we remain faithful to our promises? 

  • Have you ever made any promises with friends or family before? (if they can share it precisely, then that would be great) 


10. Dr. Suess' The Lorax

The Lorax Movie Poster

Why we chose it:

The story of the Lorax is a staple choice for Dr. Suess lovers. This delightful and light-hearted animated film is perfect for presenting to kids the importance of preserving the environment. The film packs some strong messages presented in a child-friendly manner, that's why it's a fantastic choice. In addition, it looks into the back-end of progress — preservation and its significance.

Key lesson:

If we respect the environment and all living creatures, we can preserve the planet for ourselves and future generations.

Discussion questions:

  • Why do you think preservation is as important as progress?

  • If you could talk to the Once-ler about the Truffula trees, what would you tell him?




What is the importance of STEM movies for kids?

The importance of STEM movies is to bring a level of tangibility to STEM concepts and lessons. By using STEM-inspired films, you reinforce children's interest in the subject. Plus, they can be the basis to spark interesting discussions. 

You might not agree on this one, but STEM is also the foundation of some of the world's highest-paid jobs today. There are also scientific fields not discussed in class, and STEM movies are an excellent way to introduce them to kids.


Are all STEM movies appropriate for children?

Some STEM-based movies feature some mature themes that may not be appropriate for general audiences. Therefore, parents should do a background check on science movies before inviting the whole family to watch them. In general, most educational movies are safe for kids, although some might need a certain age level to understand the movie's themes better. Otherwise, parental guidance is advised.


In Conclusion

Family watching STEM movies while lying on the bed

Science movies for kids are some of the best ways to get your children involved and interested in STEM. While some films may lean towards science fiction and others are animated, what matters is the critical lesson presented underneath.

STEM movies for the family are great choices for your family movie nights. Whether on Christmas or a random Friday, these are great options to inspire children and, most of all, foster bonding within the family.

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