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10 Best Prepared Microscope Slides for Kids

8 minute read

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“Oh no, It’s a snake!” 

“Woah, that’s a beetle”

These were my childrens’ delightful reactions when I got them some microscope slides for kids. Some of them were standard prepared slides, but other kits contained ridiculously bizarre specimens (You’ll find out which of them in this list!).

It might seem like a simple kick of adrenaline to the kids, but how they reacted was really surprising. You would feel the immense amount of passion oozing from them as they peek at the prepared microscope slides with their microscope.

We often overlook that learning is not all about reading textbooks or taking tests. Learning is also a hands-on process. Prepared microscope slides are one way to enable learning by piquing children’s curiosity.

If you want to make the most out of your child’s microscope experience, then check our top 10 list of best prepared microscope slides for kids below!


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Top 10 Kids Microscope Slide Kits

Best prepared microscope slides 

1. Sci Slides Zoo Edition

The Sci Slides Zoo edition is my personal pick for the best prepared microscope slides thanks to the real snakeskin that comes in the package. On top of that, kids can get 12 unique slides featuring specimens from the animal kingdom like frog skin, canary feathers, and goldfish scales. 

The dedicated free learning handbook contains various child-led activities to keep the fun going. Plus, relevant trivia on each slide specimen to reinforce their learning.

The Sci Slides activities work best when paired with the STEMscope kids microscope! We recommend grabbing one of those for an improved microscopic experience.


2. Sci Slides Tiny Animals Edition

Kids get a chance to discover the world of microorganisms with the Tiny Animals edition. It’s amazing to see kids’ reactions whenever they realize that there’s life beyond what the eyes can see. And in this kit, your children can discover mounted samples of parasites like ascarids, micro-worms like planaria, and freshwater organisms like the hydra.

What’s more, is that the microscope slide kit contains free shrimp brine eggs! This is an amazing opportunity for elementary students to learn the fascinating beauty of growing and raising animals by themselves.  


3. Sci Slides Bug Edition

If your kids are fascinated with bugs (or hate the creepy crawlers) this is an awesome opportunity to get them engaged! Like the previous offerings, it does come with 12 unique slides, a free learning handbook for kids, and a real beetle that they can dissect and study.

Some examples of the insects include cockroach legs, mosquito antenna, and the wing of a honeybee! The world of entomology (or bug science) is a field not yet fully discovered. So, this microscope slides kit is an excellent way for them to incline in the field.


4. AmScope PS25

AmScope PS25

AmScope’s rendition of their microscope prepared slides is also comprehensive, covering plants, insects, and animal tissues for a total of 25 slides. Some of the samples include animal muscles, human blood, and cross-sections of various plants. All the slides are kept in a fitted wooden storage box (with labels) for safe-keeping!

It’s a great option for beginner microscope slides for kids to get acquainted with micro-mysteries of all sorts.


5. NatGeo Mega Biology

The Mega Biology slide kit by National Geographic is like an upgraded deluxe version of AmScope PS25. You get the same high-quality wooden storage and another 25 high-quality slides. This time around, children can get acquainted with muscle cells, tissues, algae, and plants.

Like the Sci Slides, you get a separate trivia booklet along with the microscope slides for children to give some helpful insights to your fascinated kid! 


6. Omano 50 Count

Omano’s prepared microscope slides are the best options if kids want to learn more about the human body. The set contains actual specimens like human tissues, cells, marrows, and organs making it an excellent histology (tissue science) companion for learners. 

Although Omano advertises these microscope slides for high school and college students, I believe that there is no age requirement for science. No matter how young or old, there are always things to learn. 

If exploring the body and its micro-wonders is more your child's thing, then these are the best microscope slides to get!


7. My First Lab Prepared Microscope Slide Kit

This prepared slides for children's microscopes from My First Lab (witty name, by the way) comes with astounding 72-piece slides ranging from insects to building materials like bricks and sawdust, all the way to duck feathers. Beginners and intermediate learners like children can appreciate the samples mounted in this kit. 

Although their prepared slides used clear plastic instead of glass to mount the samples. So experienced microscope users may argue that the quality of the slides is not ideal because plastic slides create some distortion. Nonetheless, it’s still a good buy for elementary students trying out some microscope slides! 


8. R’s Science Beauty of Biology

According to R's Science, the 25 prepared microscope slides in the kit were handpicked by microscope experts themselves. These microscope slides encompass 4 major areas in biology, namely: Algae and fungi, plant garden, animal kingdom, and the human body.

The prepared slides come in a plastic box, as they argued wood cases can result in splinters. And like some of the previously mentioned kits, it comes with 2 guidebooks. One tells the story behind each slide, and the other focuses on mini DIY projects to do with the kit!


9. Lakwar Microscope Slides

The prepared microscope slide kit from Lakwar offers a whopping 60 slides that cover plants, insects, and animal tissues. And apart from the rest, they intentionally used highly transparent glass with good light transmission for the best viewing experience. So even college students can benefit from this microscope slide kit. 

Plus, they're also ideal for both hobbyists and beginners, alike! If 60 feels a little short, you can upgrade the microscope slide kit to 120 samples.


10. Maxlapter Microscope Biological Slides

Maxlapter tops the chart in terms of the sheer number of slides included — 100 prepared slides! Although its major comparison with Lakwar's prepared slides are only in number, as both feature almost the same specimen with similar quality slides.

Although the prepared microscope slides from Maxlapter are a middle-ground option. A good clincher if Lakwar's 60 prepared slides are not enough, but 120 microscopes slides seem too much.


Benefits of Prepared Microscope Slides

Sci Slide Bug Edition slide kit unboxed

Being involved in the field of science, I do know a thing or two about mounting samples on a slide. However, not every parent has the expertise on that matter. Prepared microscope slides are helpful in saving time, hassle, and resources for parents, but they have benefits for children too!


Curated by scientific experts

Experts know what samples would interest children best. While looking at an epithelial tissue (whatever that is) may be intriguing for a college student, kids would rather see what a grasshopper kicking leg look like. 

Prepared microscope slides for kids have been selected carefully for the benefit of the end-users — children!


Child-proof and safe

Industry-grade microscope slides are usually thin glass materials for the best viewing experience for experts. But glass is glass, and glass breaks. 

Most companies prepare microscope slides for children using a type of clear hard plastic with smoothened edges to prevent cuts and breaking.


Limit preparation risks

While preparing your own microscope slide might sound interesting, it’s a daunting task for beginners. Plus, the possibility of injury is likely especially if kids give it a go. 

Prepared microscope slides are risk-free. Just pop them in your kid’s microscope and let the viewing begin.


Presenting concepts to children is easier

Since microscope slides are prepared beforehand, the microscope experience is hassle-free. On top of that, this can develop into curiosity among kids to prepare their own slides in the future. 

(Of course, they’d do that if they pursue a career in STEM. Build your little scientists now!)


Professionally prepared

You can rest assured that your slides are prepared with the best possible (and professional) care. That means all safety precautions, all possible points of injury, every instance of breakage have been considered. 

Just be sure to read some reviews first to know what you’re getting into. Some slides are geared towards more careful adults. Others are made specifically for kids. Choose the safest one that meets your kid’s needs! 


Our microscope slides are made with kids in mind


The Sci Slides series are microscope slide kits featuring some of the most bizarre samples that are sure to pique your child’s interest! From fascinating creepy crawlers to mind-boggling microorganisms that really put shivers on their backs.

Currently, we have three microscope slide kits under our belt. Check them out by clicking each link below:

If you want to make the most of their microscope experience, grab our STEMscope kids microscope and kickstart your kid’s STEM adventure, now! 

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