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Top 12 STEM Kits for Kids You Should Invest on in 2023

11 minute read

Some of the links below are affiliate links. If you click through the link and finalize a purchase, we may earn a commission. Don't worry, this does not come at any extra cost to you. Thanks!

Top 12 STEM Kits for Kids Parents Should Invest on in 2022

Playtime is more than a fun affair. It’s an opportunity to use toys for a child’s advantage and development. With the anticipated surge of demand for STEM careers in subsequent years, arming children with STEM principles while young has never been more pivotal. 

STEM kits for kids are some of the best ways to foster scientific inquiry and instill a passion for the four fundamental disciplines of STEM. Although teaching complex concepts can be challenging, STEM kits introduce the lesson in the guise of engaging experiments and other fun activities. 

Wondering which ones to get? Let us help you out. Here is a simple buying guide when looking for STEM kits for kids.


Parents’ Guide for Shopping Science Kits for Your Child

Child’s Age

Although there’s no such thing as being too young to learn fundamental STEM concepts, some children might have a hard time understanding complex concepts or performing science experiments. Some kits may mandate parental assistance, especially those with complicated instructions or those that require precise steps for a successful experiment.


Kids’ Area of Interest

Every child is unique, which translates even to the field that piques their curiosity because it’s easier to build on an existing interest than completely create a new one. We divided the list into 5 distinct categories, so you may choose which STEM kit arouses your child’s interest most.

So if your child fancies gardening or nature, kits like the PlantExplo might work best. 


Safety of children

No matter what, kids are still kids and are vulnerable to the temptation of tasting a brightly colored powder or mouthing small parts. But sometimes, it’s inevitable to have these parts included in the package for the sake of the experiment. But if you cannot be with the child throughout the process, best to choose STEM kits for kids without any choking hazard or chemical warnings.


These are the most basic buying guide when searching for STEM kits for kids, especially online. With that out of the way, here are the top 12 kits you should invest on for your child in 2023!


Best STEM Kits for Children in 2023


Note: if you want to read our conclusive thoughts and know which set is best, feel free to proceed to the final verdict at the end.


STEM Kits for Nature Lovers


1. TheSTEMKids PlantExplo

In a techno-oriented era, environmental sustainability is often overlooked, making teaching kids about gardening and caring for the environment more critical. Among all kits, the PlantExplo packs the most learning to awaken your child’s nature-loving scientific inquiry through 10 exciting activities.

Kids will learn so much from this kit, from identifying seeds to actual plant care. There is no need to buy extra supplies because they’re all provided with a clear manual that guides and teaches the science behind them.


  • 10 exciting science experiments

  • Complete tool kit

  • Crystal clear instruction manual

  • Not pricey for perks


  • Some experiments require simple household things


2. TheSTEMKids MicroExplo

Nature is not only about luscious greens and beautiful flowers, but there are trillions of microorganisms lurking around nature. Although kids’ microscopes can let children take a peek at them, the MicroExplo kit is another excellent kit to introduce your child to these wonderful creatures.

MicroExplo contains all kits needed for 3 starter microbiology experiments. Albeit few, they’ll get to culture their mold, bacteria, and germs independently. This can be a great way to make them understand how harmful bacteria are and teach them to practice proper hygiene.


  • Complete tool kit

  • Clear instruction manual

  • Kids can culture their microorganism

  • Affordable


  • Only 3 experiments  


3. The Magic School Bus Exploring the Wonders of Nature

The beloved Netflix educational TV show comes back with a nature-lover twist in this Wonders of Nature exploration kit. As the name suggests, it will reveal the wonders of nature, so it’s one of those STEM kits for kids that are best used outdoors.

Within the kit lie several tools like a magnifying glass, bug-catching net, and several others for your child’s atypical outdoor scavenger hunt adventure. From activities like leaf pressing to a unique animal tracks memory game, it’s a toy set for outdoorsy kids.


  • A unique set of tools and games

  • Easy-to-follow instructions

  • Made for the great outdoors

  • Very affordable


  • All activities require parental supervision

  • Some parents report flimsy tools


STEM Kits for Future Chemists


4. Snaen science kit

It’s amazing how many experiments can be performed with simple household things. But instead of gathering the supplies all on your own, the Snaen science kit makes it so you won’t have to. The set features 30 easy at-home experiments that your child can perform independently.

The kit comes complete with 47-piece equipment and 15 back-to-back instruction cards to guide your kid through the process — it makes a great STEM kit for elementary students.


  • 30 different experiments

  • Contains all tools needed

  • Affordable price


  • Instruction can be ambiguous

  • No precise measurements


5. KangoKids The Genius Lab

KangoKids takes up a notch what the Snaen kit could in exchange for a slight price hike. 

The Genius Lab is one of the best STEM kits for kids in 2023, with the sheer number of experiments and equipment it packs within each set. The KangKids kit comes with 50 various experiments for kids ages 8-12, like pH testing, oil-water density experiments, or Coke and Mentos geyser activity.

The set comes complete with all chemicals and reagents needed, although some experiments do require household equipment to perform.


  • Astounding 50 experiments

  • Complete reagents and chemicals

  • Clear instruction manual (with KangoKids youtube channel!)


  • Pricey

  • Some experiments need household items

  • Parental guidance is advised for the experiments


6. Thames & Kosmos Ooze Labs Chemistry Station

This STEM learning kit will unleash the organic chemist within your child. Kids can set up the kit to build a chemistry station like a standard laboratory setup — perfect for your child’s open-ended play.

The Ooze Labs station contains 57-piece equipment kids can use to perform 20 science experiments, from fizzing reactions to colorful chromatographic activities. With the 16-page clear manual, a child won’t have difficulty following the next step. Indeed, one of the best STEM kits for kids!


  • 20 fun experiments

  • Unique chemistry lab setup

  • Fosters open-ended play

  • Clear instruction manual


  • Often out of stock

  • Some choking hazard equipment


STEM Kits for Techy Kids


7. CIRO Solar Robot Creation Kit

In an era where supercomputers are captured inside small bricks we often keep in our pockets, it’s not hard to understand that children will most likely live through a world where robots are integral components of society.

CIRO solar robot comes with a 190-piece rebuildable robot set that can form 12 different robot shapes performing distinct functions. Plus, it’s solar-powered, which can expose kids to the idea of solar energy and potentially develop their passion for green and renewable energy sources. Although advertised for 7-12-year-olds, the set is complicated, so it is more suited for pre-teens to teenagers for optimum use and enjoyment.


  • 190-piece 12-in-1 robot

  • Solar-powered (eco-friendly)

  • Trains tech and mechanical skills

  • Affordable


  • Not child-friendly

  • Choking hazard potential


8. X Workbox subscription box

X Workbox works in a subscription format, unlike the initially mentioned STEM kits for kids. Each set contains tech-oriented projects geared towards training the US’ next generation of technological innovators.

Each subscription box from X Workbox contains around 2-3 projects directed towards 9-14-year-olds where they can make hydraulic lifts, elevators, and solar-powered cars, among others. These STEM assembly kits are some of the best, and a subscription is truly worth it.


  • $5 off the first box

  • Unique projects with every box

  • Great in fostering tech and motor skills


  • Requires parental assistance

  • The monthly charge can be expensive for some


STEM Kits for Little Builders


9. Ravensburger Gravitrax Starter Kit

If your child is more fascinated with engineering than tech, building Gravitrax might appeal more to them.

Gravitrax is one of the most renowned STEM assembly kits online. Each starter set contains 122 pieces with 9 ready-to-go track instructions to guide your child throughout the process. But your child can make their own tracks off their imagination, making an excellent open-ended toy. Lastly, the 24 building exercises are useful to reinforce their learning.


  • Fantastic engineering kit

  • Children can build from their imaginations

  • 122-piece with 9 track instructions


  • Very pricey

  • Choking hazard on some tools


10. hand2mind Moving Creations with K’NEX

Unlike other STEM kits for kids, this one focuses solely on the science of pneumatics and hydraulics — important engineering principles.  

The hand2mind set comes with 84 pieces, including pumps and ramps, to create 9 different builds and perform 18 fun experiments. Included in the set is a spiral book that explains the fundamental principles behind each activity. 

This STEM assembly set makes a great way to hone a child’s motor and engineering skills.


  •  84 pieces, including pump and rocket

  • Teaches hydraulics and pneumatics

  • Great for motor skills

  • 9 builds and 18 experiments


  • Pricey

  • Choking hazard 


STEM Kits for Mini Einsteins


11. Engino Discovering STEM Physics Laws Set

The great physicist, Albert Einstein, learned his way through physics differently. Similarly, this STEM kit might unleash your child's inner Einstein! 

The Engino Physics set combines mechanical engineering and tech principles in learning physics concepts. The set comes with 118 pieces of tools to create 6 unique builds that model inertia, friction, energy conservation, and circular motions.

Additionally, the set brings several pages of quizzes, facts, lessons, and instructions to reinforce your child’s learning.


  • 84 pieces to create 6 builds

  • Teaches rudimentary physics concepts

  • Trains a child’s fine motor skills


  • Some might find the concepts too easy

  • A bit pricey (manufacturer’s list price)


12. Elenco Snap Circuits Electronic Exploration Kit

Snap Circuits is one of the best STEM kits for kids in introducing kids to fundamental electricity concepts and building electric projects, minus the perils of real electricity!

This STEM learning kit comes with over 100 projects for only 30+ snappable circuitry parts. But that shows how diverse electrical engineering is, and they can develop a passion for the field through this toy.

Kids can build photosensors, flashing lights, and a volume-adjustable siren through the set, among others.


  • 30+ parts create over 100 projects

  • Unique experiments and activities

  • Snap elements easily (without electricity hazard)

  • Affordable


  • Choking hazard


Our Selection Process

Every kit is different but can impact a child distinctively when properly implemented. In choosing the list above, our team scoured the face of the internet for the best parent and expert-reviewed STEM kits for kids and the kits we’ve personally reviewed ourselves.

When choosing the kits, we used three categories: price, ease of usage, and concepts learnable.



All the items mentioned above do not exceed the mark we believe are too expensive for the general masses. We chose the best bang for the buck items that don’t compromise the amount of learning that kids can acquire from each set.


Ease of usage

Although some required some parental assistance, the STEM kits for kids are manageable, even for young children, except for certain sets. More often than not, children give up learning when toys are too complicated for their liking, which breeds frustration rather than curiosity.


Lessons acquirable

Among the 12 listed STEM kits for kids, we focused on the 5 categories we believe are the most relevant in today’s society. And manually reviewed and selected each kit that qualifies within those classifications based on the depth of lessons children can acquire from them.


Best Overall — The Final Verdict?

The above list features some of the best STEM kits for kids you can get this 2023. But for some parents who don’t appreciate long and boring content, here’s the one we can recommend best: The PlantExplo: Explore Growth of Plants Kit.

The kit is perfect for kids of all ages because it teaches fundamental nature-oriented principles that are becoming increasingly relevant as the world embraces industrialization. It packs 10 awesome activities, including all tools and kits needed at an affordable price.

Feel free to check out more awesome science gadgets here.

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