Cool Science Gadgets to Get Toddlers on Their Birthday!

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Parents often dismiss cool science gadgets to be suited only for the grownups. But the science conquest begins long before children even go to school. Kids naturally develop their skills in STEM as they tap into their curiosity and unleash their explorative spirits. Science toys for kids can provide this platform and there are many cool science gadgets out there to choose from. 

So the next time you look for gifts to get toddlers, put scientific toys on top of your choices!

But which toys, exactly?

Search no more because TheSTEMKids collected the top cool science gadgets you can buy for toddlers on their birthday! Keep reading and we will reveal them to you shortly.


Looking for cool science gadgets? Check these out!



We’ve segregated the gift ideas by age within the toddler range to narrow down your choices. Know that the items might overlap with each age. Use your own judgment in selecting which toy is appropriate to give toddlers.


1-2 years old

Give toddlers cool science gadgets that are no- or low-tech especially in their first two years. Granted, kids will eventually be more exposed to technology and electronics as they grow older. But this is an opportunity to introduce them to a world of simplicity.

Here are cool science gadgets you can buy for your 1-2 year old toddlers!


Fisher-Price Baby's First Blocks and Rock-a-Stack Gift Set

Toddlers aged 1 are only beginning to discover the vastness of the world around them. This is the moment they learn to use their hands and muscles to perform various tasks. Fisher-Price Baby's First Blocks and Rock-a-Stack gift set are scientific toys that develop early problem-solving skills and hand-to-eye coordination among toddlers.

It comes with 2 science toys for kids in one set: 

  • The first is for matching shapes into the correct holes. A perfect opportunity to aid toddlers in sorting objects.

  • The second is for stacking varying-sized rings into a pole. This helps in training kids’ coordination and may be an avenue to teach them about sizes, colors, and numbers.


Hape Wood Building Blocks 

Fostering toddler imagination through scientific toys helps in cultivating their creativity. Hape Wood Building Blocks allow children to create their own designs and tap into their engineering ingenuity.

Out-of-the-box, toddlers get 50 wooden blocks used in building their masterpieces. From houses to bridges, to high-rise buildings. Their imagination is the only limit! No cause for worry among parents since the materials used are made with non-toxic finishes. They are durable to last kids for years. Train their dexterity and gross motor skills through this toy set.


The First Years Stack Up Cup 

The First Years Stack Up Cup is another no-tech way to promote toddlers’ problem-solving skills. These scientific toys are also perfect introductions to teach kids about colors. The large embossed numbers beneath each cup also help kids learn about numbers at a young age.

Watch them scatter the pieces all over the floor and guide them in reassembling it all in one complete stack! If they just want to have fun, these waterproof cups can join them in the tub. A simple yet fun way to initiate both learning and playing.


Melissa & Doug Shape Sorting Cube 

If you want to up your kids’ critical-thinking skills, then this toy might fit them great. Melissa & Doug’s Shape Sorting Cube is an upgrade to those fit-the-shape-to-the-hole types of scientific toys. It features not only basic polygons like squares, circles, and triangles. But even the more complicated irregular polygons, to stimulate toddlers’ analytical thinking and fine motor skills even further!


2-3 years old

It is advisable to, as much as possible, keep children off the screen at this age. They can be exposed to some educational shows, but only briefly. You should keep in check their recommended screentime to be certain. Since most kids this age play all day, scientific toys that require screens might not be the best option. Nevertheless, here are screen-less and cool science gadgets that you can buy toddlers ages 2-3:


Melissa & Doug Geometric Stacker 

From stacking unevenly sized rings into a pole, this upgrade trains toddlers to stack various geometrical shapes instead! Geometric Stacker from Melissa & Doug helps in further developing the critical-thinking skills of toddlers. 

It comes with three poles and three sets of rings. Kids can mix and match or perform the whole puzzle until they complete it. Guide them in their quest! Science toys for kids are meant to also initiate bonding time with children.


Mega Bloks First Builders

Lego is a golden standard among science toys for kids. And if you desire a similar experience, minus the choking hazard, then Mega Bloks First Builders might be the one for you! These scientific toys feature large Lego-like blocks that toddlers can use to build what their imagination tells them. With 80 puzzle pieces, kids have unlimited opportunities to create awesome builds. It also comes with a large storage bag to help in the cleanup. No more "ouch" from accidentally stepping on these large pieces, unlike that of Lego!


Skoolzy Nuts & Bolts Building Set 

If there is one thing common among kids, it’s that they always want to be like dad! Skoolzy developed these science toys for kids so children can experience what dad always does in the garage. This Skoolzy building set contains an assortment of colored nuts and bolts. Their task is to match them by colors and sort them by shape. This helps children refine their spatial reasoning skills, aside from improving their fine motor skills!


Quercetti Saxoflute 

Perhaps one of the most ingenious toys for the 3-4 year old toddlers category. Quercetti Saxoflute capitalizes on two of the things kids love doing the most: tinkering with stuff and making noise.

This flute set comes in 16 separate pieces. All of which can be interconnected to form one long Saxoflute. How they make the connections influence the sound it produces! Toddlers are not only limited by the number of connections they make, but also the angles! This develops their creativity further and their artsy side better.

Nothing beats playing a song made out of their own creation!


3-4 years old

As kids mature further, it is good to slowly reel them into electronics and more challenging scientific toys. These sets of cool science gadgets are still off the screen. But these are major upgrades from simple motor skills and dexterity fine-tuning. Toddlers can now analyze things better and this skill must be stimulated through the following science toys for kids!


TheSTEMKids Portable Microscope

Once your kids learn to walk, all they want to do is pretty much explore every terrain they can find. It’s important to encourage this adventurous wanderlust! TheSTEMKids Portable Microscope is one of the cool science gadgets that can accompany them in their explorations.

This microscope for kids is lightweight and handy, perfect for carrying wherever kids go. It is made from durable material that can handle multiple drops without performance impediments. The banner feature is the 40X magnification that allows children to see beyond what naked eyes can!

Couple this with the microscope slide kit, to continue the adventure indoors. With real mounted insect samples, this portable microscope can capture every fine detail in its wake.


Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-a-pillar Twist

In this computer age, it is only natural for you to motivate kids to venture into the tech industry. But it can be challenging, especially if they don’t have any coding experience. For their early coding adventures, Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-a-pillar Twist is a great choice!

This caterpillar toy is battery-powered and composed of buttons to help toddlers control its movement and course. A great way to teach toddlers analytical and strategic skills!


Thames & Kosmos Kids First Coding & Robotics

A peanut butter and jelly robot might not sound intense and appealing, but it’s just the right amount of wacky for toddlers. Thames & Kosmos Kids First Coding & Robotics is one of the cool science gadgets that also develop early coding skills among toddlers.

Embedded in the box is a robot that teaches kids essential coding topics, such as sequencing, conditionals, and loops. All of these are taught within 30 coding lessons. What makes this toy amazing is its capability to teach the abovementioned without screen reliance! They only need the provided physical code cards to command the cute PB&J robot.


Primo Toys Cubetto 

Similar to Thames & Kosmos is Primo Toys’ offering. Cubetto is another fun way to teach kids how to code, even before they learn reading. But its advantage over the previous ones is that it has a proprietary map to help estimate Cubetto’s paces.

Control the smiling wooden robot through the provided colorful blocks. Kids have full liberty to pan the field and play this problem-solving adventure!


4-5 years old

Brief exposures to screen time at this age would be fine. Especially those screen exposures that sharpen and mold their minds even further. Kids are now more than capable to learn more relatively complex problems and brain-teasers. Improving these traits, while their imagination begins to peak, helps establish the smarty-pants within toddlers! Check the following scientific toys out:


Learning Resources Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set 

Supplement further coding fundamentals in children through Learning Resources’ Code & Go Robot. Aside from an off-screen feature to control the robo-mouse named Colby, toddlers get large blocks they can form into a giant labyrinth. An area where the mouse can traverse on.

Out-of-the-box, kids get 10 double-sided activity cards to guide them in building the maze. Additional 30 double-sided coding cards are included to help kids accomplish the coding challenge! Just enter the sequence and watch Colby race to reach his most beloved cheese!


Particula GoCube 

A Rubik’s cube is everyone’s toy! From kids to adults, all can enjoy this wonderful color-coded device. But what if you can combine this cube and a phone app into a cool science gadget? Particula GoCube is the culmination of a techno-Rubik’s!

Enjoy the same perks of using a regular cube. But once toddlers connect it to the app, they get the chance to compete with the whole world! This can hone their analytical and problem-solving skills better. While also cultivating their fine motor reflexes.

There is an infinite number of puzzles and challenges to enjoy in-app, as well!


Sphero Specdrums 

Looking for cool science gadgets that tap into the natural musician within toddlers? Sphero Specdrums might be the one for you!

Sphero Specdrums are no more than techno-packed silicon rings, used in making music. Just connect them to a phone app via Bluetooth and listen to the magic through the phone. The silicon sensors respond to the color of the surface tapped on. Science toys for kids are also ways to develop other interests, like arts!


Learning Resources Bottley the Coding Robot 

Bottley the Coding Robot is one of the most complete coding science toys for kids you can gift! Great in enhancing the coding skills of toddlers along with their analytical thinking.

This 77-piece activity set, features puzzle-like terrain tiles, coding cards, remote programmer, other peripherals, and of course, Bottley, itself! Solving the provided puzzles sharpens their logical thinking. What’s more, is that kids get the chance to discover Bottley’s “secret” features as they go!

Talk about coding and discovery in cool science gadgets!


The Coolest Science Gadget for all Ages


A great birthday gift is one that extends its usage further beyond the kids' age. Luckily, we know a gift that kids, teens, and even adult enthusiasts use for leisure!

TheSTEMKids portable microscope is one option you may choose from. Toddlers might outgrow the use of some scientific toys, but the exploration of the world's wonders never ends. And this device can walk with kids all throughout the process. The microscope slide kit aids in pursuing the microscopic adventure while indoors, keeping kids safe from outside dangers.

These cool science gadgets are still up for grabs now, get 15% OFF your purchase and enjoy FREE DELIVERY to your doorstep.

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