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16 Educational TV Shows Kids can Enjoy Watching & Learning From

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16 Educational TV Shows Kids can Enjoy Watching & Learning From Article Banner

Too much screen time has a bad rep among parents.

And that's true.

Exposure to screens can negatively affect kids, especially for children with underdeveloped eyesight. So religiously sticking to the recommended screen time is a must. But some parents dislike screens due to the negative media exposure their kids get. Oftentimes, parents blame it for kids' poor grades, behavioral problems, and eye issues.

But with proper guidance and management, TVs can be highly beneficial for children. All kids need is the right learning program and a timer, and TVs can potentially reinforce all their learnings in school. 


Feel free to explore the learning-packed TV shows for kids we've listed down below. Your child will certainly enjoy the shows featured in streaming sites like Netflix all the way to children's educational tv shows in the 80s. 


16 Best Kids' Learning Shows on TV  

Child choosing a show to watch on Netflix

Netflix is one of the biggest streaming services worldwide with subscribers hovering in the hundred million range. And they feature shows that are also intended for younger audiences.

Here are some of the best educational TV shows you can find on Netflix. We classified this list into two categories to help you appropriate which learning shows for kids fit what certain age group better.


Elementary Educational TV Shows on Netflix


1. Ask the Storybots

Release date: 2016

Number of seasons: 3 

Ask the Storybots focuses on answering common kids' queries. If you're having a hard time explaining concepts to your child, the protagonists here can help out.

For example, questions like “why do I have to brush my teeth?” or “why we have to recycle?” are covered throughout this kids' learning show. Ask the Storybots imparts actionable life lessons too that children can practice on their own.


2. The Magic School Bus Rides Again

Release date: 2017-2020

Number of seasons: 2

The Magic School Bus Rides Again is the continuation of the original show in the 90s.

The original kids' learning show focused on Ms. Frizzle and her students going on a bus ride filled with interesting science adventures.

Netflix's rendition of the original followed the same premise, but Ms. Frizzle's sister now is the one taking the lead. Despite mixed reviews from people, the kids' TV show still teaches life lessons while promoting an enjoyable scientific learning experience. 


3. Word Party

Release date: 2016

Number of seasons: 5

If your kid is a big fan of Dora and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, this educational TV show also breaks the fourth wall.

Word Party hits close to home to fans of Backyardigans, but they add a unique flavor to the table. Many parents gave this a 5-star rating because of the great lessons and fun music that kids can groove with. Plus, unlike other shows, you can opt to watch with your kids without getting annoyed at the characters too!


4. Octonauts

Release date: 2010

Number of seasons: 4

Most learning shows for kids aim to teach feelings and sensitivity to toddlers. There's nothing wrong with them, but the educational TV show market is filled with those already.

Octonauts breaks the cycle by offering a fun underwater action adventure for kids as they teach invaluable lessons. Each episode focuses on meeting and helping different sea creatures resolve their respective concerns.

Tips and tricks that kids pick up from this learning show can be applied in real life. Truly an awesome show!


5. Llama Llama

Release date: 2018-2019

Number of seasons: 2

The idea of discovery can be daunting. But when friends and family are there to help you, it can be a fun adventure. This is what the show Llama Llama is all about.

The learning show for kids is based on the best-selling children’s book by Anna Dewdney. Llama Llama is an educational series that talks about how the world is seen through the eyes of a llama.

His friends Zelda Zebra, along with his family, supports him as he interacts with the world around him. A splendid lesson to gently remind kids that they are not alone in this world. If they need help, their friends and family will always be there for them.


6. Super Monsters

Release date: 2017

Number of seasons: 3

Before you hit me with the "I don't want any monster shows," hear me out first.

This kids' learning show might not seem appropriate at face value but is it one of the most acclaimed educational shows on Netflix.

Super Monsters feature the sons and daughters of some of the world's most famous beasts like Frankenstein and Dracula. The show focuses on their quest to become good people and good children.

Obviously, the process is challenging. But it is an excellent representation of good modeling to kids. The message is: everyone has their “monsters” within, but we can choose to be kind, obedient, and good people despite it.

Educational shows on Netflix for the Teens


7. Our Planet

Release date: 2019

Number of Seasons: 1

Educational TV shows are not limited to teaching lessons but also explaining facts about this world.

This is what Our Planet is all about. The educational series documentary showcases the hidden beauty that this world has to offer, from shimmering coastal seas to the wild jungle greens.

I believe that exposure to nature learning shows like this is a fantastic way to incite nature appreciation in teens — to live their lives with the earth's best interests in their hearts. Aside from the heartfelt production, David Attenborough’s narration is simply top-notch!


8. Bill Nye Saves the World

Release date: 2017-2018

Number of Seasons: 3

Bill Nye the Science Guy returns to host this educational show on Netflix. The talk show-ish learning series focuses on refuting common myths and rebuking false claims through science experiments.

Teens will love the lively discussions on each episode's topic. Although some might still confuse hard-to-explain scientific facts as mystical. Bill Nye reminds viewers that science has an explanation for everything.


9. 72 Dangerous Animals: Asia

Release date: 2018

Number of Seasons: 1

For teens looking for learning TV shows that are both thrilling and chilling, this is one of the best.

The 72 Dangerous Animals: Asia is straightforward and true to its title. It features the claws, fangs, and stings of Asia's 72 wildest beasts and creepy crawlers. It can be a bit scary, but the teenage exhilaration of learning about this stuff is ineffable.


Classic TV Shows That Kids are Gonna Love


Netflix shows are more available and accessible today. But you can't deny that some of the classics are still superb sources of kids’ learnings. And through the years, they may even be relevant in today's era!

Here are some of the best children’s educational shows from the 80s and beyond!


10. The Electric Company

Release date: 1971-1977

Number of seasons: 6

If you want reading and grammar educational tv shows then check The Electric Company out. On top of the life lessons, the humor is impeccably great too!

The learning show features some of the best artists like Bill Cosby, Rita Moreno, and Morgan Freeman. With 780 episodes in total for its runtime from 1971 to 1977, kids can binge watch this show at home, just make sure they don't go beyond the recommended screen time. 


11. Schoolhouse Rock

Release date: 1973-2009

Number of seasons: 7

Do you know what sets Schoolhouse Rock apart from other educational TV shows for children?

It neither focuses on feelings nor academics.

Instead, Schoolhouse Rock teaches kids about civics. This is an interesting subject to tackle while kids are still young. Teaching children their civic rights and duties prepares them in becoming full-fledged citizens. Indeed, a kids' TV show that imparts so many life lessons that they'd actually need. 


12. Beakman’s World

Release date: 1992-1998

Number of seasons: 4

Educational TV shows featuring fun casts, great sketch comedy, and interesting subjects are some of the best qualities to encourage children to watch. This is what Beakman’s World boasts.

Each episode contains fun experiments that remind kids that science is fun. The likable characters add so much value to the show. Of course, Beakman's crazy hair and a green lab coat are a bit over the top. Accompanying him is a giant human rat named Lester and a female sidekick.

Despite the quirks, the educational TV show for kids does not seem as ridiculous because every actor carries their respective roles well. One amazing education show for children in the 80s.


13. Bill Nye the Science Guy

Release date: 1993-1998

Number of seasons: 5

Bill Nye is one of the most famous scientific personalities still relevant today. He had been an advocate to fight against ignorance since the 90s. And he emphasized how important science education was for children.

He still remains a compelling and appealing science guy. If kids love some unique science humor and music in educational TV shows then they will surely enjoy this show. 


14. Mr. Wizard’s World

Release date: 1983-1989

Number of seasons: 5

Don Herbert, aka Mr. Wizard, had an interesting show that began in the 50s to the 60s. Then Nickelodeon picked up where he left off in the 1980s with Mr. Wizard’s World.

Although not as flashy as other educational TV shows at the time, he was very relatable. He always had a kid assistant to help out do experiments in each episode. Mr. Wizard was like a wise old sage that was more of a teacher than an entertainer.

The message of this 80s educational show was clear: everyone can do science.


15. Captain Planet and the Planeteers

Release date: 1990-1996

Number of seasons: 6

Although not as fancy and popular as other comic book heroes, Captain Planet and the Planeteers is one of the best educational TV shows that environmentalists of today grew up with.

This cartoon features a group of planeteers on their quest to protect the world from pollution made by villains and criminals. Together, they summon an earth defender called Captain Planet that fought for the earth’s survival.

The show was an advocate to teach children about being responsible in taking care of the world. They also received commendable feats at the time as they forwarded some revenues from the cartoon to schools. This was so institutions can start their very own green projects. A good ol’ practice what you preach bit!


16. Reading Rainbow

Release date: 1983-2006

Number of seasons: 21

This long-running educational TV show from the 80s is both classic and contemporary. It ran from 1983 all the way to 2006, and each episode was still as awesome as it was since the beginning.

The show, hosted by LeVar Burton, featured children’s literature and factual topics like science and technology. But throughout the learning show, the key lesson he has imparted to its viewers was to work on their curiosity through personal research.

This encouraged kids to form their own opinions by having first-hand research on the literature or subject matter discussed. A great way to teach kids the value of being well-informed.


The kids learning TV shows listed above are some of the best the industry has to offer. Shows that are both fun and a source of important lessons for kids. Check them out and see which suits your child best. But before anything else, read our reminder below: 


Remember this when kids watch educational TV shows!

When searching for educational TV shows, read reviews before jumping on the TV train. This helps you assess the suitability of the show in impacting your children's lives. Always remember that educational TV shows are supposed to teach kids, not only keep them occupied.  

One study in the Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology noted that preschool-aged kids cannot understand conflicts portrayed in story plots yet. Children may not distinguish which behavior to follow and this might affect them negatively, despite the moral lessons.

Does that mean parents should pull the plug on TV? Not necessarily.

Television poses great benefits to kids' education, sometimes even more than what the school can teach. But the research advises parents to be present whenever kids watch educational shows.

Parents should be there to comment and teach kids along the course of the show to avoid confusion. Telling them which behavior is nice and which isn't. This can help kids understand the story better and the moral lesson that it tries to convey to the audience.


Other Ways Kids Can Learn Indoors?


Watching educational TV shows is not the only option for kids to learn. There are other productive ways to make this possible. We listed down three activities that you may practice along with your children!


Play with your kids

Parents tend to overlook the importance of playing in teaching children invaluable lessons.

There are concepts learned in educational play that are not imparted in school. If you want kids to maximize their learning through play, then stick to toys that can provide them this service. Science gadgets are the best choice for this matter.

STEM toys are a classification of playthings geared towards teaching kids about STEM. And one selection you can try is our STEM scope kids microscope — the perfect partner for your outdoor-loving and adventurous kid. You can try them with our microscope slides kit to double the fun!


Read books with them

Reading is another awesome way for children to learn indoors. Pearson UK believes reading is fundamental for kids' development. This process stimulates their brain to grow and become active. The narrative helps them imagine how the story plays out and it also keeps their focus sharp and steady. 

Set a time which you can read with them every once in a while. Be there to help them understand parts they find difficult to digest. This keeps their minds active and hungry for learning. The reading process also serves as an avenue for parent-child (or grandparent-child) bonding!


Let them actively cooperate

There are life lessons or skills that manuals just can't give kids. For example, cooking. Although a recipe might clearly state what they need to do, a cake will not bake itself by reading. Letting kids ride on the cooking sesh can instill life-essential teachings. 

Learning by doing remains to be the best way for kids to learn. So let them join you when you cook or do some gardening, who knows, they might develop the knack for them early on!


Done watching educational TV shows? How about some toys?

As mentioned above, scientific toys are great choices that put both playing and learning in one. If you are searching for toys suitable for all ages, then you might want to check out our collection

Our STEMscope kids microscope is a great choice to stimulate kids' curiosity. Feel free to visit our product page to learn more!

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