Home Classroom Setup Ideas For Small Spaces For Your Kid's Best Learning

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Establishing a dedicated home classroom sets kids up for successful homeschooling.

That much is true.

But one common dilemma that parents and students, alike, face is that there might not be enough space to set up the workstation. Let us assure you that an abundant space is not necessarily required to make homeschooling worthwhile.

Even with a limited room, all you need is a dedicated space and some effective planning to set up your workspace. And if you are looking for tips to do this then you came to the right place.

In this article, we aim to give you home classroom setup ideas for small spaces which you can apply to your own household setting.


Factors to Consider in Selecting a Home Classroom

It might be easier to showcase a barrage of images here to give you an idea of how homeschool classrooms work. But that only scratches the surface!

Knowing the rationale and the purpose behind small homeschool room ideas is more important, to guide you on how to transform the available space in your house into a full-fledged homeschooling station.

For this reason, you need to understand the factors in selecting a home classroom. Here are the homeschool setup ideas you should consider: 



The first in the list of factors to consider for home classroom setup ideas is the location. This is the single most important factor in setting a homeschool classroom because the area you select can either make or break your homeschooling activity.

A mistaken choice can lead students to more distractions, and this is counterintuitive especially when homeschooling. Here are several reasons why the location matters:

  • The home classroom will serve as the repository of books and other educational materials for the school year. A location with enough space for the storage of school supplies is important.

  • An ideal location removes the tedious process of setting up and tearing down the classroom by the end of each school day.

  • Classical conditioning. A dedicated home classroom conditions students that the area is solely intended for homeschooling and studying alone!

  • An isolated location for a homeschool classroom prevents distractions and unnecessary interactions.


What are the criteria for selecting a location for your home classroom?


Yes, we did say that we will be dealing with small spaces. But one can never have "too much space" for a home classroom. In reality, the more space available the better since this area will house the materials to be used throughout the year and it also helps with kids' mobility. That said, the space must be a part of your overall home classroom setup ideas.



Both natural or artificial light is good, as long as it makes the home classroom more conducive. If you find a good place minus some good light source, you can always opt for a portable lampshade or some reading light to compensate. However, in contemplating your home classroom setup ideas, steer away from windows. There may be light coming in but there can also be countless distractions to see outside.


Storage space

Dedicated storage areas are splendid home classroom setup ideas, especially for the ones who have tons of textbooks and are active in homeschool art projects. This serves as quick access, not only to books but also to crafting materials as well. We cannot stress the importance of a storage area enough. 



A home classroom, or any classroom for that matter, cannot be called one unless there's a door that shuts it off from the world. This ultimately helps in preventing distractions further and encourages kids to focus in school instead. A place with a door or any other separators are home classroom setup ideas you should consider.



Aside from serving as a barrier and enclosure to their home classroom, kids can attach aesthetics and other school-related accents to walls.


What areas in the house can you use as a home classroom?

  • An empty, unused room
  • The garage
  • A den
  • The basement

Having a dedicated room for your homeschooling activities is ideal, but it is hardly a requirement. We understand that not everyone has this privilege. If you lack the facilities for a dedicated space for homeschooling,  another home classroom setup idea is to use any area in the house for homeschooling, as long as there is ample space where kids can work. This can either be the dining table, living room, or porch. Make sure to keep watch that they do not get distracted.



The location deals with the more general qualities you need for the home classroom. But having a dedicated room to facilitate studying is not enough. You have to set up the place in a way that it becomes conducive for homeschooling. The next in the list of homeschooling ideas is the setup.

The setup of the room deals with the specific amenities and utilities that should be available in the home classroom.


Features of the home classroom setup


With the current distance learning scheme initiated in response to the pandemic, kids need workstations where they can accomplish their school works. Here are some homeschool desk ideas you might want to consider:

  • A desk that is big enough to accommodate a laptop or tablet for online classes and has extra space for writing and taking notes. But make sure the homeschool desk fits the dimensions of the room.

  • If you have a desk with drawers or built-in storage systems then that would be helpful. It saves space for a separate storage facility.

Here are some awesome desk ideas you can check out for your home classroom:


Library or storage area

Books and other learning resources are inevitable parts of homeschooling or distance learning. Your kids' home classroom setup should at least have an area to store their books and other important materials. 

Although if the space of the small homeschool room doesn't allow it, then remote storage would be fine. Make sure your kid tidies up their workstation at the end of each day, in preparation for tomorrow’s classes.


Bulletin board

If you're looking for ideas on how to set their homeschool schedule effectively then a bulletin board might help. A large corkboard to pin important dates, to-do's, and reminders can aid you and the kids map out their activities throughout the course of the school year.

They can also use a black or whiteboard for the same purpose. Plus they get to write some of their novel and cool ideas down!


Posters and other aesthetics

Let's face it, homeschooling can be extremely boring, especially for the kids. That is why giving them some room liberty for inspiration is important. Sitting in an isolated place with 4 blank walls staring at you is not exactly inspiring. 

Looking for ideas on how to make homeschooling more fun? Posters. These posters have the ability to transform a dead room into a home classroom that inspires learning! Not only are they aesthetic and pleasing to look at, but they also inspire kiddos to study even more! 



When you’re dealing with limited space, the best tool in your planning must be efficiency. This quality can allow you to do more with less. In this context, maximize the use of the home classroom’s small space through an efficient organization. That is why homeschool classroom decorating ideas are next on the list.

You don’t want to intimidate kids when they see a pile of workbooks, textbooks, and papers on top of their desk, do you? A well-organized homeschool setup makes distance learning or homeschooling a fun experience.


Homeschool Organization Ideas You Can Try

Color-code their items

color coding for home classroom setup ideas

You might not realize it, but having your supplies organized in colored containers based on their uses is way easier than having to read the label every time. This can also be a fun homeschool classroom decorating idea when the colors stack up. They add a cool rainbow effect to a dull room! 


Use rolling bins as storage 

Rack and rolling bins are great tools to help kids organize their things in their home classrooms. By dedicating a bin for each subject, or each item, they get easy access to their things with one scan at the label.


Invest in tabletop organizers

This homeschool setup idea is not new, to be fair. But it still deserves the emphasis, especially if we’re dealing with the organization and neatness of the workstation. Tabletop organizers help in arranging the tools needed in homeschooling like a pen and pencil holder.


Instruct the kids to clean after every session

Children must learn how to be responsible for their own mess. Giving them a dedicated workstation to keep under their watch is good training. It is effective to encourage them to tidy up their home classroom, and it prepares them in being responsible for when they finally get their own place. 


The Secret to Successful Homeschooling

A dedicated home classroom is a good way to set kids up for successful homeschooling. But more than having the facilities, what determines true success is the amount of learning the children obtain from the activity whether they have homeschooling amenities or not.

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