The 10 Best STEM Christmas Gifts for Kids Who Love Science

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Best STEM Christmas Gifts for Kids Who Love Science Poster

Looking for the perfect gift for your little scientist this Yuletide season? No need to look elsewhere because we scoured the internet to search for the best STEM Christmas gifts for the children you love. 

Not only are these kids' STEM toys in line with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, but they are also influential in the development of critical characteristics, including:

  • Critical-thinking skills

  • Problem-solving

  • Creativity

This means that their holiday celebration will be loads of fun and filled with continuous learning. We believe that the right kind of gifts is necessary for a full-fledged STEM-themed Christmas. These cool STEM toys are excellent gift ideas for young science-loving boys and girls! But if you want to see our dedicated list of STEM toys for the little girls, stay tuned!

Check our hand-picked choices below!

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The Best Christmas STEM toys to Get Your Kids this 2021


1. The STEMscope Portable Microscope

The STEMscope Portable Microscope

Why we chose it:

The STEMscope is crafted to be an instrument of curiosity. Every child is naturally inclined to explore and discover the micro-mysteries of the world, and this kids' microscope gives them that ability! From tiny microorganisms to critters of all kinds, all it takes is one peek through the lens. Plus, your kids can bring this device wherever they want, which means learning can take place anywhere.

If you're searching for the best STEM toy that can ignite your kid's lifelong curiosity and hunger for learning, then the STEMscope is one gadget to consider. Plus, our collection of science slide kits feature excellent specimens to try this pocket microscope on!


  • 20-40x high-quality magnification

  • Shatterproof build

  • Dedicated non-slip grip, perfect for kids' small hands

  • Lightweight, pocketable, and portable

  • Has dedicated LED lights (with free battery!)


  • Great quality comes at a price


2. Magna-Tiles 100-Piece Clear Colors Set

Magna-Tiles 100-Piece Clear Colors Set

Why we chose it:

This engineering kit is a highly rated option if you want to raise creative builders. Boys (and also girls) don't only love this STEM toy due to its vibrant colors but also the many ways they can build with it. From designing a castle to a skyscraper, their imagination is the only thing standing in their way. So let your kid create breathtaking structures with this STEM Christmas gift!


  • Durable

  • Trains their spatial and tactile skills

  • Inspires imagination and creativity

  • 100 puzzle pieces out-of-the-box


  • Clean-up might be difficult

  • Intended use is only indoors


3. Science in Action Water Rocket

Science in Action Water Rocket

Why we chose it:

Water Rocket is the best toy for outdoor-loving rugged little children. After all, this toy is excellent in encouraging physical movement and active participation among the kids. Watch the rocket fly up the sky as it spews water from its nozzle and see your kids catch the rocket before it falls to the ground. This Christmas STEM toy is perfect for use in the park, making it the best gift to play with once spring sets in.


  • Encourages active play in kids

  • Inspires children's interest in space/atmosphere

  • It comes with a helpful instruction manual

  • Water rockets can launch up to 90 feet


  • It can be played during winter (but not recommended)

  • Need's bicycle pump (not included)


4. GeoSmart Mars Explorer

Why we chose it:

Boys love cars, so why not combine their love of vehicles with some STEM magic! This GeoSmart Mars Rover is one of the hottest toys to get this Christmas. Using magnetic pieces, children can design the mars explorer however they want. The kit comes with instructions to build it in 4 ways, but kids can build it as they please using a bit of creativity

Kids can surely acquire a thing or two about engineering and physics using this cool STEM Christmas gift.


  • Inspires creativity

  • Has it's own engine motor

  • Remote control powered for dynamic play

  • 51 colorful geometric puzzle pieces


  • Magnets may be a choking hazard

  • No batteries included


5. National Geographic Break Open 15 Geodes

National Geographic Break Open 15 GeodesWhy we chose it:

This kit from NatGeo is one of the best STEM Christmas gifts that are both sources of learning and aesthetics. If your little kids love rocks, then they'd appreciate this STEM Christmas gift. Introduce kids to the world of geology through geodes. These are simply rocks that kids can literally break open to reveal the magnificent crystals within!

These are cool STEM toys that kids can display in their room or as additional holiday aesthetics in the living room!


  • Reveals amazing beauties inside

  • It comes with free safety goggles

  • Includes a full-color learning guide

  • You get 3 free display stands


  • Breaking tool not included

  • The breaking process can be dangerous


6. Educational Insights Design & Drill Bolt Buddies Recycling Truck Toy

Educational Insights Design & Drill Bolt Buddies Recycling Truck Toy

Why we chose it:

There's a reason why parents hide their tools in the shed. Not only for safekeeping but because we like to keep kids from getting hurt with them. Educational Insights offers kid-safe tools that can be both fun and educational for kids. For example, using the toy drill, kids can operate and control the included pickup truck. This Christmas STEM toy is a terrific way to train kids' dexterity and motor skills.


  • Great for fine and gross motor skills

  • The box is part of the play (eco-friendly!)

  • It comes with a drill, a truck, and 18 bolts

  • Inspires creativity


  • Small bolts may be a choking hazard

  • Batteries are not included


7. Pathfinders Leonardo da Vinci Catapult Kit

Pathfinders Leonardo da Vinci Catapult Kit

Why we chose it:

Now that kids are stuck inside due to the winter chill, play some awesome target games with this catapult kit. Although it might not look like a STEM toy at face value, kids can learn math concepts, like angles and trajectory, from this Christmas gift. Better line up some toys because you've got some scoping and targeting to do. 

But if you're looking for a low-cost alternative, check out how to make your own catapult in our creative Christmas STEM activities article!


  • Made of wood

  • Inspires creativity and model-making 

  • All pieces are pre-cut and ready for assembly

  • They include glue in the package

  • It comes with comprehensive instructions


  • Some parts are small, which may be a choking hazard

  • The projectile is not included


8. Kinetic Sand Moldable Sensory Play

Kinetic Sand Moldable Sensory Play

Why we chose it:

The closest thing to sandcastles your kids can mold this Christmas season are snowballs. But with this STEM toy, having the same moldable sand is possible indoors! Explore creating various forms, designs, and structures, minus the mess of using natural beach sand. This might be one of the best STEM Christmas gifts for kids who would love to experience the beach in this coming snowy blizzard.


  • Inspires creativity

  • No mess and no water needed

  • Non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and safe for kids

  • Each package comes with 3.25 lbs. Kinetic sand

  • Never dries out


  • Some report itchy feeling from playing with it

  • It might be a choking hazard for young kids


9. Marble Genius Marble Run Super Set

Marble Genius Marble Run Super Set

Why we chose it:

If you've seen one of those marble run videos, then you know how awesome they look. Kids can do the same tricks using these engineering STEM toy sets. With 150 included pieces, your child needs only to imagine the perfect track to get the marble rollin'. But, of course, the best STEM Christmas gifts are those they can use indoors while it's chilly outside, and this is one of those educational toys!


  • Encourages kids to be crafty

  • Unlimited structures to be built

  • Durable plastic materials 

  • It can be improved using booster sets and accessory sets

  • Glass marbles included


  • Reports that pieces don't fit together snuggly

  • Marbles are a choking hazard


10. BoomTrix: Xtreme Trampoline Action

BoomTrix: Xtreme Trampoline ActionWhy we chose it:

This kids' science toy allows children to explore crazy gravity-defying tricks while learning about trajectory, angles, and the concept of gravity! Unlike the previous one, children won't get marbles rollin' on this one but bouncing all over the place. Moreover, children can tap into their creative juices to develop designs that can get the marble to shoot perfectly into the goal. This is clearly one of the best STEM Christmas gifts to get your kid who loves science!


  • Motivates children to come up with awesome designs

  • Encourages resourcefulness

  • The set comes with 6 trampolines, 4 trampoline curves, 1 booster, 1 Stunt ring, 1 firework goal, and 12 metal balls

  • Inspires some engineering skills


  • Balls are a choking hazard

  • Needs good precision and practice


Buying Guide for Christmas STEM Gifts


STEM toys are effective in developing physical, cognitive, social, and emotional skills among children. 

However, the effectiveness of a STEM toy to convey these skills depends on a child's level of understanding. That's why choosing an appropriate toy for their age is necessary to maximize the amount of learning they can get. In addition, the right toy ignites kids' creativity and curiosity, leading to increased problem-solving capabilities and other social and emotional interactions.

Choosing a toy unfit for their age sacrifices all these potential privileges. 


We must follow precautionary measures when buying STEM Christmas toys for children. For example, some toys include small pieces and pointy objects, which might be a choking hazard in the hands of an unsuspecting child. On the other hand, some might consist of chemical solutions that are unsafe when ingested. 

That's why we recommend that parents conduct background research on toys before they buy them.


There's no general standard that classifies one toy as educational or not. However, the best kind of STEM toys encourages active, open-ended, imaginative, curiosity-inducing, and problem-solving play. As a result, these toys bring the highest educational value to the table and are the most beneficial for young children.




Why buy STEM toys for kids this Christmas?

Christmas STEM learning toys are always a great gift option regardless of the season. But the holiday season sits closely with family bonding. So open-ended and imagination-promoting STEM toys are great avenues to provide learning for kids and encourage bonding that improves the parent-child relationship.


Which science toys are best?

The best STEM toys are the ones that encourage children to think, actively participate, and be curious. Of course, these qualities are supplementary elements to maximize a child's education. But then again, it is wise to be familiar with your kid's interests. Knowing what they like can help shape your decision on which STEM toys best align with their preferences.



It is undoubtedly true that STEM toys are the best Christmas gifts you can give children this Yuletide season. We hope this complete guide served as additional support to help you choose the best science toys to give your kids.

If you're interested in teaching kids about microscopy and the exploration of earth's minute wonders, our STEMscope kids' microscope is an excellent place to start. 

Our vast catalog of science slide kits feature exotic specimens that kids can peek at with the microscope toy. From beetles to snake scales, we got it all. 

Visit our entire science gadget collection to learn more and grab one while we're on sale!

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