The Best Science Fiction Halloween Costumes Kids Should Wear this 2021

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Kids and their mother wearing science fiction Halloween costumes

Celebrations for Halloween might not be like they used to, but don't make that a reason not to celebrate!

Parents might not realize it, but Halloween is an important occasion in a child's life. During this celebration, kids get to inhabit their favorite character, engage in playacting, and relish the simple joys of life.

If you have children obsessed with sci-fi films, we're glad you found us. We rounded up the best science fiction Halloween costumes there for kids. These cool space-themed outfits will surely resonate with their sci-fi fandom, plus you can also choose one for your get-up.

Check them out!


Space-Themed Outfits


Star Trek



Star Trek has been one of the most well-known science fiction TV series of all time. Apart from all future-inspired shows that feature a dystopian outcome, Star Trek gave a hopeful futuristic view. So it only fits that kids wear their space costume this Halloween 2021. 

Whether your kids hopped on with the rebooted Star Trek film series or have watched the original 60's versions, our three selected science fiction costume ideas would look great on them! The sci-fi spacesuits are as famous as can be, and kids would look impressive at the party when they arrive as Trekkers.


Science Officer Spock

Spock is no doubt one of the most popular science fiction characters of all time. Kids can finally wear Spock's iconic blue space costume this Halloween. 

This outer space costume iteration is what we found best in the market. It comes with a blue shirt, a dickie collar, and black pants for a complete sci-fi get-up!


Captain James T. Kirk

Leading the crew to explore new worlds and civilizations is the famous Captain Kirk. So naturally, children would be the talk of the party when they come in as this dashing captain in his yellow outer space costume

This deluxe science fiction Halloween costume is one of the best and nostalgic uniforms kids can wear this 2021.


Lieutenant Nyota Uhura

Little gals can also join the space-themed Star Trek costumes with the crimson red uniform from Nyota Uhura. But, of course, other kids wouldn't want to mess with this translator and communications officer. She is intelligent, strong-willed, and selfless. 

Your kid can be her this coming Halloween with this remarkable science fiction Halloween Costume!


Star Wars



Star Wars is one of the best representations of a successful film franchise. Everyone seems to know Star Wars and has seen at least one show of this space-themed adventure film. If your kid got to experience the root of the show in Star Wars IV, or they hopped on to the recent The Mandalorian, the outer space costume options are endless!

We selected the three of the best science fiction dress up that anyone, whether Star Wars fans or not, will recognize. So check out the list below and see which best fits your child's Halloween get-up!


Baby Yoda

The Mandalorian sets the stage for this mini version of the famous character - Yoda. This alien costume would be a perfect fit for children who love the recent Star Wars movies. Crash the party with cuteness overload when your child wears this space-themed Baby Yoda outfit! 

If you wish to perfect the tandem, dads can be Luke Skywalker or moms, Ahsoka Tano!



Kids can also be the famous white-colored space soldiers from Star Wars films. Stormtroopers have a striking authority in their character design, perfect space-themed outfits for kids who love the Empire. Top this science fiction Halloween costume with a blaster, and kids are all set.


Darth Vader

Who wouldn't know this icon that's once voted to be the greatest movie villain of all time? Darth Vader is one of the most robust characters, in power and aura, in Star Wars. This space-themed outfit is what most fans and non-fans remember him by. So if kids want a dark-aesthetic for Halloween, then this space costume is excellent.


Sci-Fi Space Suits


Buzz Lightyear

Toy Story has been out since 1995, and people loved the animated film and the subsequent installments. But not only the young parents remember this beautiful show. Even kids nowadays know the story of how Andy's toys come together on an action-packed adventure!

Making up the protagonist duo is Buzz Lightyear. A space ranger on a quest to discover "infinity... and beyond!" His space costume is a fantastic wearable for kids this coming Halloween. Kids can engage in interactive play and say Lightyear's taglines while in this sci-fi space suit!


Alien Abduction Costume

This inflatable costume is unique among the science fiction costume ideas. If you want to be true to the Halloween theme without making the event a generic costume party, then this is the sci-fi outfit to get!

The cool optical illusion design of this alien space costume is incredible. Enjoy the laughs and amusement of other kids when they see this get-up. Who said science fiction Halloween costumes are all about movie characters?


Power Rangers Outfit

All kids know how awesome the power rangers are! Although not all rangers wear space-themed outfits, they're technically sci-fi, so it still fits the bill! The Mighty Morphin above is only an example; kids can always get any power ranger costume they like.

Please encourage your child to wear their fave ranger color from whatever ranger generation. It would be splendid if you convinced your kid's group of friends to all dress up as rangers

How cool would it be if a group of science fiction heroes battles it out with villains in the Halloween party!


Other Science Fiction Costume Ideas


Squid Game



This Netflix show has taken the world by storm! It wouldn't be surprising if you already saw this sci-fi dystopian-setting series. The sensation is a unique take on rich people betting on human players to compete in various children's games. Although the premise might sound fantastic, the plot gets darker.

The show features incredible science fiction costume ideas that are easily recognizable. Although not outer space or alien-themed outfits, they sure bring the Halloween spirit to the party. There are two excellent science fiction Halloween costumes to choose from:


Squid Game Player Uniform

The player outfit is more a uniform than a costume. But those who know the show will quickly recognize the thrill of seeing these green tracksuit sets. Kids can personalize the sci-fi dress-up by choosing whatever number they want. Plus, wearing this won't feel as uncomfortable as wearing an actual costume!


Squid Game Guard Uniform

Do you know what makes the guard outfit great? Because the mask is already a costume in itself! Buying only the mask is enough. Top the outfit with a red hoodie, and you have a Squid Game guard uniform. Seeing these ominous red-hooded soldiers strike fear in the hearts of each player. Indeed, kids wearing this would be the mysterious eye-catchers of the party.





The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a show that everyone loves. So we're sure that kids would appreciate being their favorite sci-fi character from Marvel. There are more than 29 heroes currently in the MCU, which means your kid's options are plenty. From Captain America to Dr. Strange, or Black Widow, they won't be running out of choices.

But if you are searching for space-themed outfits for heroes, we have three of the most iconic ones! Great space Halloween costumes, courtesy of Marvel superheroes. Check the list below to see which would resonate best with your kid.


Iron Man

Who wouldn't be familiar with the pioneer of the whole MCU? Iron Man might not be a spaceman, but he sure fought and survived in space thanks to his sci-fi space suit! This deluxe costume features a realistic design of Iron Man's costume. A superb option for the young fanatics! It comes with a padded jumpsuit, boot tops, and a mask.


Spider-Man (Iron Spider)

Fighting alongside Iron Man is his famous apprentice, Spider-Man. Another non-outer space character, but he did survive in space thanks to the Iron Spider costume

Spider-Man is every kids' hero. So let your child imbibe this comic character with this awesome Iron Spider costume. The sci-fi space suit is made with flexible polyester fabric so kids can move freely. The zipper closure ensures a convenient fit, plus the free mask completes the science fiction dress-up.


Captain Marvel

This female Avenger is dubbed as the strongest among all superheroes. She is a human trained under the Starforce, becoming a powerful alien woman. Girls would love to be this top-notch character that outclasses everyone else.

The Captain Marvel sci-fi spacesuit comes in a polyester material that covers from the torso to the shoes. The red and blue design is lifelike, following suit to the movie. Plus, the space costume comes with Captain Marvel's famous headgear too.


Halloween Costumes Bring the Celebration to Life!

Although having the same conventional Halloween parties might be tricky with the pandemic, this must not stop kids from dressing up for the show. Halloween costumes, like science fiction outfits, bring life to the party!

Kids can engage with others like their costume character, which promotes educational play, playacting, and cultivates their imagination. Toys can also promote this behavior among kids.

If you're looking for educational STEM toys, our STEMscope pocket microscope is an enjoyable option for them. It's sturdy, lightweight, and, more importantly, promotes educational play like Halloween Costumes do! So check the STEMscope out and get 15% OFF with your purchase.

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