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The Complete List of 50 Best STEM Toys for Children in 2023

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The Complete List of 50 Best STEM Toys for Children in 2022 Featured Image

Standing in an aisle of a toy store or scrolling through online stores to scour for toys can be overwhelming. It’s like treading on unfamiliar terrain, especially because not all parents are aware of the latest toys and gizmos that kids find enjoyable nowadays. 

Finding the toy that perfectly resonates with your child’s interest, possesses a good balance of fun and learning, and is presented with kid-friendly instructions can be very rewarding. Although like most cases, it’s often a hit-and-miss with children. 

Thankfully, STEM toys brandish these exemplary features! So if you’re looking for the best STEM toys for children, no need to mindlessly scour the web to find the best pick. Below, we listed the top 50 STEM toys for children in 2023!


50 Best STEM Toys for Children in 2023


Basic STEM Toys

These basic STEM toys are the building blocks that prepare children for more complicated playthings. These toys primarily focus on teaching kids about spatial reasoning, color discrimination, and basic letters & numbers — perfect for toddlers to pre-school-aged children!


1. Melissa & Doug Wooden Building Blocks Set

This kit from Melissa & Doug can help facilitate hours of screen-free play as kids engage in building basic structures from their imagination. The set comes with 100 durable wooden blocks divided into 4 different colors and composed of 9 different shapes. A great toy for training motor skills!


2. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Blocks Set ABC/123

Building blocks are the golden standard of STEM toys for children ages 2-4. But Melissa & Doug takes it up a notch by also infusing wooden blocks with alphabets, numbers, and animals. The set comes with 50 wooden blocks that can help train children’s stacking, sorting, matching, and word recognition.


3. Brain Blox Wooden Building Planks Set

If building blocks are too conventional for your child’s taste, you might want to give wooden planks a try. Brain Blox includes 100 pieces of all-natural, non-toxic, precision-cut pine wood planks to ensure children’s safety. The set is useful for building various structures, teaching children how to balance, and introducing kids to the concept of friction!


4. Sassy Stacks of Circles

This ring stack set from Sassy adds an element of sass to your regular ring stackers. And it’s one of the best STEM toys for children up to 3. Using the stacks of circles children can strengthen their hand-to-eye coordination, sorting skills, and grasping ability. The BPA-free textured set is also helpful and safe for mouthing babies!


5. Wooden Alphabet Number Shape Sorter

Education starts at home, and these STEM toys for children are good ways to kick off a toddler’s learning. The wooden puzzle sorter teaches children fundamental knowledge of the 26 alphabets, 11 simple shapes, and numbers from 1 to 20. Kids can develop fine motor skills, creativity, and imagination while playing with the set. 


6. SKYFIELD Wooden Vehicle Puzzle

Once children master sorting basic shapes and symbols, Skyfield’s vehicular puzzle takes kids’ analytical solving to the next level. Using 3D wooden puzzle pieces, kids will have to mix and match until they complete the 6 vehicle silhouettes. This can be helpful in honing a child’s concentration, problem-solving, hand-eye coordination, and attention span!


7. Learning Resources Mathlink Cubes

Learning Resources supports kids’ learning of colors, counting, shape identification, and pattern searching through their Mathlink Cubes set. The basic shape cutouts found in each cube facilitate tactile awareness, which captures children’s attention and encourages analytical thinking when stacking cubes.



Buildzi is an interactive, easy to play, card-and-block set that can be a perfect game for family game nights! The set comes with 32 Buildzi tower pieces and 32 double-sided tower cards which indicate the building you’re tasked to stack. You may add a time limit for a fast-stacking, nerve-racking, spine-chilling family fun!


9. National Geographic Break Open 10 Premium Geodes

If there is one common thing among kids, it’s their love for smashing and breaking objects! And the Break Open 10 Geodes is one of the best STEM toys towards that end! This set from National Geographic comes complete with breaking tools and goggles for safety, as children smash open rocks that reveal magnificent crystals inside — perfect for display and flaunting in class!


10. Coogam Wooden Blocks Puzzle Brain Teaser

The Coogam wooden puzzle set challenges the problem-solving capability of users as they complete the frame using the provided 40-piece puzzle set. Perfect for honing analytical skills, problem-solving, and spatial reasoning of older kids!


Microscopes and Telescopes

Microscopes and telescopes are wonderful magnification tools that help users discover the world they live in! Microscopes reveal micro-realities imperceptible to kids’ eyes while telescopes allow children to see farther beyond the reaches of their visual prowess.


11. The STEMscope Portable Microscope

This lightweight, portable, and durable microscope is the perfect exploration companion for outdoorsy kids. Children can smoothly keep the device in their pockets and pop them out to explore micro-wonders that pique their curiosity! Plus, it’s shatterproof, so don’t worry about it breaking even if they drop the device!


12. Andonstar Kids Microscope & Telescope Binoculars

Andonstar combines the magnifying power of microscopes and zoom capability of telescopes with this digital pair of binoculars. Kids can access the specimen in question through the built-in high-quality screen. Splendid tool for exploration-driven children!


13. Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Kidnoculars Extreme

This tool from Educational Insights is a revolutionary take on your classic binoculars. They integrated an audio amplifier that turns up the volume as the lenses zoom in closer to the subject of interest. Although the zoom is only 3x, it can be a great device for nature-loving children interested in bird watching!


14. Gskyer Telescope

Watching the night sky up close is always a fun adventure for kids. And now they can see the shimmering stars and the moon’s craters up close through the Gskyer telescope! Focus your phone through the dedicated phone holder and capture lasting interstellar memories!


15. The Superscope 3-in-1 Digital Microscope

The Superscope is the culmination of all microscopes out there! It combines the digital integration of digital microscopes, portability of pocket microscopes, and convenience of a conventional table-top microscope which means it’s the perfect device for students up to college. Partner those features with impeccable zoom and the Superscope is what you get!


Science Kits

Science kits introduce kids to the wonderful world of experimentation even before they go to school! It's a good way to train children how to follow instructions, do precise measurements, and produce wonderful results that get them hooked on science!


16. MicroExplo Science Kit

It’s never too early to teach children about microbiology, and this kit is the best way for that matter! Explore 3 awesome microorganism-focused experiments that will make kids go “ew!” but teach them to be keener in taking good care of their health and hygiene.


17. PlantExplo Science Kit

If you want to raise plant enthusiasts the PlantExplo kit is one of the best STEM toys for children to do this. PlantExplo packs 10 exciting experiments that span from the science of seeds up to raising plants itself. This is a wonderful set to teach kids about plants and instill a sense of responsibility among the young.


18. Dinosaur Soap Lab

The best experiments are the ones children can use right after, and Dinosaur Soap Lab is one of those science sets. Using the provided materials, children can make up to 6 soaps conformed to 3 dinosaur-shaped models, 4 liquid colors, and 2 fragrances. Not only will your child learn, they'll also smell great after too!


19. Just My Style You*Niverse Perfume Kit

You*Niverse lets children own their own perfumery where they can produce up to 3 sparkling fragrant perfumes. With the vast amount of fragrances available, your child can freely experiment with different combinations that will fit their personality and style perfectly!


20. Playz Bath Bomb Bonanza

Swimming in bathtubs is always extra special with fragrant and explosive bath bombs! Aside from producing special fizzy bombs, kids also learn about basic acid-base reactions in making them. The set comes with 23 tools, ingredients, and an easy-to-follow guide for young kids!


Construction and Engineering Kits

Construction and engineering kits bank on kids' creativity and spatial reasoning skills to create the most outstanding structures from scratch! Here we curated the 10 best engineering STEM toys for children you can get today.


21. Magna-tiles

Magna-tiles took the world by storm thanks to their unique design architecture that sparks hours of imaginative play as kids build flat or 3-dimensional creations by fusing together the transluscent tiles. The entry-level set comes with 32 pieces, but you may freely upgrade that through expansion packs if your kid enjoys building with them!


22. Willfun Magnetic Building Sticks

Following the success of the Magna-tiles craze, WIllfun offers another one-of-a-kind construction kit for kids. The set boasts magnetically powered sticks and balls that kids can use to endlessly create structures for hours on end. It's one of the best STEM toys for children that fosters creativity, hones motor skills, and challenges spatial recognition to play perfectly!


23. ThinkFun Gravity Maze

This labyrinth-style STEM toy from ThinkFun combines elements of engineering and physics on top of the fun that kids experience playing with the set. Using logic and spatial reasoning, children are tasked to solve the puzzle and make the marble find its way to the goal. Truly a great thinker for budding engineers!


24. Ravensburger GraviTrax

GraviTrax is by far one of the best construction sets for children who are passionate about race tracks and love to build! The set contains 122 pieces and 9-track instructions to help curious kids get started, but your child can engage in hours of open-ended play when they design their own dream tracks!


25. Huaker Kids Building STEM Toys

This building kit from Huaker features 125 clamp and ball phthalate and BPA-free pieces that kids can use to build animals, dinosaurs, robots, and any other jointed structures they can think of. It also comes in a sturdy reusable plastic box for easy safekeeping and clean-up!


26. Thames & Kosmos Structural Engineering

From bridges to skyscrapers, these structural engineering STEM toys for children promote creativity and engineering skills among kids,  as they construct the wildest structures imaginable using the 285 interchangeable pieces. Plus, children learn a thing or two about concepts including load, compression, and tension as they play through the set!


27. Engino Discovering STEM Mechanics Building Set

Levers, linkages, and structures, these are the builds that Engino promises kids can make through their kit. The set contains pieces manipulatable to create 16 models. Included are clear instructions on how to make the structures, plus a dedicated theory book to impart the science to your budding engineers. Make sure they ace the quiz booklet too!  


28. LEGO Classic 1500-piece set

A curated list of engineering STEM toys for children can never be completed with LEGO making an entrance! Re-live the classic design of LEGO bricks with the LEGO Classic 1500-piece set. Let your child's imagination run loose as they build everything they can muster with the included abundant supplies.


29. JOYIN 24-Piece Construction Tool Set

Open-ended play matters just as much as in the development of children as STEM toys. Help your child get the best of both worlds as they envision their future engineer selves with this kid-friendly construction toolset from JOYIN!


30. National Geographic Construction Model Da Vinci’s Battalion

If your child has a knack for things historical weaponry from the olden days, they'll love this NatGeo construction set! Kids will get to build three ancient artillery: ballista, bombard, and a catapult. Plus, they're all working so all it takes is a few pebbles and fire away!


Circuit and electronics kits

For future electrical engineers and electronic experts, circuit STEM kits are the best training ground to start young. Here kids will learn some basic concepts of electricity minus the risks of handling actual electricity. 


31. Elenco Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100

Elenco has always taken the reins in the electronic kit department among other STEM toys. And this Snap Circuits Jr. kit is a fan favorite because of the over 100 electrical projects kids can do with the set. From flashing lights to sirens, all it takes is snapping the parts together in a circuit, and voila!


32. Elenco Snap Circuits Lights

Elenco takes the original Snap Circuits up a notch with their Lights rendition. In this, your child will get to explore 175 unique projects including fiber optics, music players, and aerial stunts. Same old play, new experiments!


33. Playz Advanced Electronic Circuit Board

After kids have graduated from the Snap Circuits craze, the Playz Advanced Circuit Board is a good level up. Kids will get to read actual circuit diagrams in the build and work with wires to make the circuits work. There's a total of 328 projects to be discovered inside and it's suited for older children!


34. Butterfly EduFields Electric Motor Kit

Butterfly EduFields appeal to the future innovators among the youth through their kit. The Electric Motor set contains 50 pieces that kids can tinker with to create 20+ electronically powered prototypes. One of the best DIY budget electronic STEM toys for children. 


35. ThinkFun Circuit Maze

Another best seller from ThinkFun is their circuit maze board. Children will learn concepts on circuits as they make connections through the board to power up the beacon. But there's more, the challenge cards will provide an extra twist on how the circuits must work --- a fun little thinker for young kids!


Educational board and card games

STEM toys are not limited to tactile and virtual playthings. Children may also learn a thing or two about STEM from board and card games. And here are the best ones to get!


36. Einstein

What better way to learn STEM than to see it from the perspective of the world's most renowned genius physicist --- Albert Einstein. This tile placement strategy game capitalizes on spatial awareness in order to win and children will get to understand physics, chemistry, philosophy, music, and the history of science from Einstein's eyes. 


37. Blue Orange Games Planet

Planet is another tile placement game where every player gets to play God and create the perfect world in the palm of their hands. You create the ideal conditions on systems governing the earth like creating landscapes and populating the world. It's a fun game for kids, adults, and families alike to enjoy. 


38. Evolution

This award-winning game follows the story of species in an ever-changing environment surrounded by harsh predators. Food is scarce so you'll need every help and evolutionary adaptation to survive! Every game lasts 60 minutes and 2-6 players may participate at a time.


39. Pandemic

In this timely strategy game, all players must unite and work together using the strength of each character to limit the spread of a viral disease and eradicate it completely! It's a fun cooperative game where you either win or lose together depending on how you play. 


40. Dr. Eureka

This STEM game for kids is unlike any other. Using speed and logic, players must move the molecules from test tube to test tube without dropping them to complete the enigma presented in each challenge card! 


Robot Kits

You can't have STEM without robots! In this techno-centric era, it's no doubt within grasp to have our lives in tune with robotic artificial intelligence. Before that industry booms, get your children hooked into robotics through these simple STEM toys for children!


41. KIDWILL 14-in-1 Solar Robot Set

This robot kit from KIDWILL is manipulatable to transform into a total of 14 different robots. From a wagging tail dog to a running beetle, all it takes is a bit of movement in the joints and gears. The best feature of this set is the solar power which makes the robot drive!  


42. KidzRobotix Table Top Robot

Kids will get to build their own "live" robot using this KidzRobotix kit from 4M. The crab-looking machinery is perfect when placed on table tops because of it's edge detection feature that keeps it from falling off!


43. BOTZEES GO! Dinosaur Robots for Kids

If there is one thing common among young kids, it's their perpetual love for anything dinosaur! And this dino-bot set lets children use the 103 soft-textured large blocks to create dinosaur robots that are controllable by the included remote!


44. Geeek Club Robot Building Kit - Two-Leg Walker

If you want your child to get into the robot game, then they'd have to work on a bit of soldering. The Geeek Club robot is perfect to introduce them into the world of robot engineering. You can get the toolset along with your robotic kit for extra 50 bucks, but it's a good investment for a future of STEM-geared hobbies!


45. Elenco Teach Tech Robotic Arm

if your kids have seen Iron Man before, then they know how fascinating it is to have your own personal robot arm just like Tony Stark. Elenco lets children re-imagine being the great billionaire superhero through this robotic arm kit. Plus, the machine can also rotate, grab objects, and move, like kids' very own personal assistant! 


Coding and child computers

The STEM craze began when coding became a big thing to teach among the youth. Although programming requires dedicated degrees to master, you can introduce basic coding concepts to kids when they play with child computers and coding toys. Check the ones we listed below!


46. Learning Resources Botley the Coding Robot

Botley the Coding Robot is designed to teach children fundamental coding principles screen-free! All you need is a bunch of batteries for Botley and the remote then you can now control him to do various tasks, like traveling through obstacle courses and performing coding challenges!


47. Bloxels Monster Box: Make Your Own Video Games

Although not necessarily coding, it's a fun experience to let your child create their own game in their very own online space! Bloxels makes your child's game development dream into a reality. Each Bloxles Monster Box kit contains the entry details so they can access the app and start building their game! Helps a lot in strengthening their logic, honing their patience, and fostering their creativity!


48. Playz My First Coding & Computer Science Kit

This coding kit from Playz is another screen-free set that can teach kids basic concepts of coding like binary codes, encryption, and algorithm as they create various tactile things using the 30+ tools included in the box! It's a bit far off coding per se, but the logical foundation of coding is integrated into the set.


49. Kids First Coding & Robotics

Using their peanut butter and jelly robot, kids can perform experiments and coding lessons inside the box. What's cool is that there are storylines they have to follow throughout which engages their senses and helps immerse kids in the activity further. There are tons of model-building and coding lessons underway so watch out!


50. Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit

This is the perfect coding kit for Potterheads! Kids get to be their own wizards and witches as they swish and flick the wand and follow along with the coding challenges within the Kano app. Although the app is available for select iPads and tablets only!


Looking for the Best of the Best STEM Toys for Children?

Children will always be explorers by heart, no matter where you put them. That said, you'll need to equip them with tools that can make their explorative nature shine through --- like microscopes! We, at TheSTEMkids, offer the best pocket and tabletop microscopes (plus a few science kits!) for children who want to see the world up close. So feel free to check our arsenal of science toys to learn more! 

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