The Top 10 STEM Toys for Girls in 2021 (Perfect Gifts for Girls You Love!)

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The Best STEM Toys for Girls in 2021

"How can I get my little girl involved in STEM?"

Do you see yourself asking the same question? Many parents look for ways to involve girls in science, however, it is still a field predominantly occupied by males. This fact creates negative feedback that can influence how parents tend to raise their daughters.

Today, we BREAK that stereotype.

Females belong to the STEM field as much males do. However, to reach that gender divide, girls must begin their involvement young! The best method to keep girls in step with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics is through STEM toys

Women need to see that they have a good representation in STEM. That's why for this list of STEM toys for girls, we added a feminine twist to support your kids learning science.

We hope that these science toys for girls serve as a bridge to close the gender gap in STEM. Make the most out of that critical elementary-age moment before the limiting beliefs of what academic subjects are "suited for girls" set in.

Here are the best STEM toys for girls. The toys on the list also make the best birthday and Christmas gifts for girls who love science! Check them out.


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The Best STEM Toys for Girls in 2021


#10 Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears! Build & Bloom Building Set

Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears! Build & Bloom Building SetWhy we chose it:

Girl engineering toys are more prominent today than before. This gear set is a fun place to get girls involved in engineering and the arts. Using the included 116 flower-designed gears, cranks, and critters inside this building set, your girls can create complex designs and put their creativity in motion. 

There are multiple ways to play with this girl's science kit. First, kids will have fun creating beautiful gardens while supporting kids learning science. Then, your girls can display the resulting design they make from this STEM toy!


  • Inspires creativity

  • Teaches engineering to young girls

  • 116 colored pieces

  • Endless ways to play


  • Some gears can be a choking hazard


#9 MAGBLOCK Magnetic Building Blocks

Why we chose it:

If your kid loves castles, then this is one of the best STEM toys for girls to get her. She can build castles and any structure she can imagine with this girl engineering toy.

The magnetic building block set reminds parents of Legos minus the small puzzle pieces. Building structures and disassembly is easier thanks to the magnets—a terrific option to instill the beauty of engineering at a young age. Plus, the soft macaron-ish colors are great feminine additions!


  • Invites creativity

  • Magnets make construction and disassembly easier

  • Non-choking hazard puzzle pieces

  • Fun soft colors


  • Some parents reported that the magnets are not powerful enough for delicate designs


#8 GoldieBlox Rainbow Paper Craft Kit

Why we chose it:

GoldieBlox is a brand that sprouted out of the founder's advocacy to involve women in engineering and technology. Undoubtedly, their Rainbow Paper Craft Kit fits the standard as STEM toys for girls.

This DIY STEM toy encourages girls to plan, make patterns, and be creative. On top of that, each STEM craft teaches various essential engineering topics. These include levers and pulleys, light refraction and reflection, and the color spectrum.

Three beautiful STEM projects are awaiting inside this science kit for girls!


  • Kit inspires girls to be creative

  • It includes all materials they will need for all projects

  • Three projects inside the box

  • Some supplies are reusable


  • Some materials are only one-time use


#6 Educational Insights Design & Drill Flower Power Studio

Why we chose it:

If we want to break scientific gender barriers, we must believe that our girls can also do what boys can!

The flower power studio is a fun girl toy that teaches your little ladies how to use power tools like drills. Don't worry. The materials are perfectly safe for child's use.  This is one of the best STEM toys for girls to train their motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and agility. Plus, it is a fantastic girl science kit since they can have various designs and patterns.

Boys are not the only ones entitled to have tools at home. Train your girls in handling this equipment using this STEM set.


  • Trains kids motor skills and coordination

  • Teaches girls about patterns and creativity

  • Kit includes power drill toy, bolts, designer plates

  • Designer plates fold into a briefcase


  • Drill requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)

  • Drilling tool can't fit inside briefcase design


#5 MindWare Science Academy Bath Bomb Lab

Why we chose it:

MindWare Bath Bomb Lab is all about combining spa day and STEM into one science gift for girls! It's always intriguing to know how companies make soaps. This STEM toy for girls will introduce them to the process and science of soap-making.

Your girls can be creative with colors and fragrances using the included recipe in the box. A great STEM toy for girls to teach your little scientists some soap chemistry!


  • Encourages creativity and resourcefulness

  • A simple way to teach chemistry to kids

  • Girls can use the result of their soap experiment

  • They can explore variables like colors, fragrance, fizziness


  • Some chemicals are not safe for ingestion

  • Targetted towards older primary schoolers


#4 Pool Building Set Toy House

Why we chose it:

The architecture used to be a man's game, but these STEM toys for girls break the stereotypes. So what better way to teach architecture and design to girls than letting them build their own toy house?

Young girls can explore their hearts out and be creative using the 1375 pieces out of the box. From the structures down to the smallest detail, their imagination is the only limit to their creativity.

This girls' STEM kit lets children engage in open-ended and active play, which helps create social interactions. So let their imaginations run wild and free with this STEM toy for girls.


  • Motivates open-ended and active play

  • Encourages creativity and design

  • Initiates social interaction with playmates

  • Vast 1375 pieces


  • Small pieces may be a choking hazard

  • Limited design freedom


#3 Yellow Scope Foundation Chemistry Kit

Why we chose it:

Two female PhDs are behind this revolutionary science kit to inspire other girls to be involved in STEM.

This STEM toy is excellent for introducing young girls to foundational chemical reactions and experiments. Guiding the kids throughout is their 28-page lab notebook to teach them the principles behind each activity. 

If you want to raise little chemists, then this STEM toy for girls is a superb option to do cool experiments at home. Give this to a girl you love this Christmas!


  • Teaches foundational principles in chemistry

  • Lab notebook contains fun quizzes and interesting trivia

  • It includes genuine chemistry supplies

  • Made with girls in mind


  • Applicable for late primary schoolers to middle schoolers

  • Some chemistry supplies might be unsafe if ingested


#2 Scientific Explorer's My Own Perfumery

Why we chose it:

If your little girls are not a big fan of bath bombs, then perfumes might be their groove. This STEM toy for girls teaches your little chemists to make their own line of perfumes.

Remember that STEM is not limited to those who work in computers or spend their days in labs. Even perfume makers fall into the STEM category. So this toy is an incredible gift option for your science-loving kiddos.

Let your kids explore with 5 wonderful fragrances included in the box. They can dab their handmade perfume's tantalizing scents to keep them feeling fresh and fragrant all day. An excellent chemistry STEM toy for girls!


  • Teaches chemistry concepts to girls

  • Includes 5 fragrances: apple, heliotrope, jasmine, lily of the valley, and peppermint

  • The resulting perfumes are safe to dab on skin

  • Banks on their creativity to make their signature fragrance


  • Some supplies might not be safe for ingestion

  • Geared towards late primary schoolers to middle schoolers


#1 The STEMscope Pocket Microscope

Why we chose it:

Adventure is a language that all girls and boys alike can relate to. So unleash your kids' curiosity with a science gadget that helps them explore the tiniest of critters in their surroundings!

The STEMscope Portable Microscope is a toy made for outdoor-loving, adventure-seeking, exploration-searching curious little girls. If your girls love nature and its micro-wonders, this STEM toy for girls is one of the best you can get!

It's durable, lightweight, and pocketable, which means that learning can take place anywhere. Our prepared microscope slides that house interesting specimens, like beetles to snake scales, are a perfect tandem to test this instrument out.


  • Inspires adventure and exploration

  • Instills never-ending curiosity in nature

  • Shatterproof and lightweight build quality

  • Ergonomic with dedicated non-slip grip

  • Has LED lights (with free batteries!)


  • Quality comes at a bit of a price


Things to Consider When Buying STEM Toys for Girls


Proper Representation

Representation of women in STEM toys means that the content and characters of the toy align with their feminine preferences. However, we mustn't limit girls' access to STEM toys based on stereotypes. While "girly" toys might appeal to the general female population, others might not be fond of the idea. There is a wide range of STEM toys that break boundaries and gender stereotypes.

Choose STEM toys that portray female representation well without compromising stereotypes, limiting young girls' options and scientific inquiry. The world of science is vast, and everyone is welcome to participate!


Encourages Inquiry & Exploration

What makes a STEM toy for girls (or boys) worth it is that it encourages them to be curious. Everyone has questions, and if that toy answers their inquiries and hypothesis, it helps them remain engaged and invested in the toy. We don't want toys that do all the work, rather what's ideal are those that demand your little girl's participation and one that pushes them to be curious. If you can find a toy that initiates bonding then that might be a good tip to improve your parent-child relationship.

For this reason, we recommend asking your kids their preferences. For example, they might have a theme they'd like for toys. Then, stick with their choices and choose a toy that follows them. You may also offer some options that they can choose from if they have a hard time deciding which toy to select.



We don't want STEM toys for girls working only one way because it wears off quickly on kids. Select toys that encourage open-ended play, active participation, and exploration because these are the toys that rarely lose their value.

A microscope might be up for the above task. However, while other learning kits, like the ones above, might have one-time-use supplies, the learning they get still lingers for a long time.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a gender gap in scientific careers today?

Yes, there is an existing gender divide in STEM careers today. Women only make up approximately 28% of the workforce relating to science, technology, engineering, and math. This gender gap is exceptionally high in high-paying STEM professions like computer science/math (25.8%) and engineering/architecture (15.7%).

The most involvement of females in STEM professions is observed in biological sciences, comprising around 47.7%. Chemistry and material science follow this with 42.5%. The statistics reveal gender gaps that we need to address by getting more women involved in the field.

We can make this possible with the right kind of training and conditioning that starts early on! Make excellent and effective use of educational STEM toys to inspire young girls to be involved in science at a young age.


Should I buy STEM toys for girls?

Yes, we recommend that you buy STEM toys for girls. Science, technology, engineering, and math are not gender-specific fields. That means girls and boys alike benefit from the lifelong learnings that STEM toys can instill. A few key benefits that girls can get from STEM toys are:

  • Critical, analytical, and logical thinking

  • Creative problem-solving approaches

  • Never-ending curiosity and hunger to find answers

Although educational toys do not indicate successful future careers in STEM, these are parenting hacks we must never miss out on as parents. Our role is to open the door for them, present the opportunity, and let the kids decide for themselves when the time comes.


In Conclusion


STEM toys for girls are critical if we wish to train our little scientists to become critical thinkers and great problem-solvers. There are countless science toys to choose from, from engineering to chemistry. The choices are practically endless.

Make sure to consult the little girl to know their preferences and inclinations. Then, choose the best STEM toy that fits that criteria.

If you want to encourage young girls to be more active, adventurous, and curious about their surroundings, the STEMscope Portable Microscope is an excellent option. Their amazement at the earth's micro-mysteries are things to look forward to!

Visit our entire science toys catalog to learn more!

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