7 Ways You Can Cut Down Your Kids’ Screen Time

Mar 11, 21
7 Ways You Can Cut Down Your Kids’ Screen Time


While it’s not necessarily a bad thing for kids to use devices at this age and especially when the future is going in that direction, excessive screen time in developing brains, studies show, may lead to learning problems. No one wants that. At least not one parent we know.

Below are 5 ideas you can steal to effectively cut down your child’s screen time. You can also check out this post to find out how much screen time is healthy. 


1. Model to your kids

The most effective way we’ve seen is, of course, modelling the same behavior yourself. Because, let’s admit it, we all get distracted by screens too. So if you limit the time you spend on Facebook yourself, not only will your child learn to limit his screen time but you will also be seen as more authentic by your kids when you say, “get off your phone.”


2. Present other options

Whether it’s biking or drawing or crafting, present other activities to your kids that will get them off their phones and tablets. The key is to introduce an activity they’re already interested in to begin with. But don’t let that limit your choices.

For instance, TheSTEMKids Portable Microscope has been consistently reported by parents as a great way to pique kids’ interest. And there’s no surprise there. This portable microscope offers a world of fun discoveries that naturally boost curiosityand love for learning!


3. Create an activity you can do as a family

Kids love being with their parents. Being with mom and dad is a great way to get them to drop their phones and tablets or leave the TV voluntarily. So, create an activity you can do as a family. Think board games, cooking, baking, parlor games. The list is endless. 


4. Get them into sports

Teach them to love sports. By getting into sports, you’ll increase their physical activity and decrease the free time they use to watch or play games on their phones. 

How long did it take you to play or train for volleyball or basketball when you were a kid? It’s going to be the same for your own kids. As long as you can give them something else they can do and teach them genuine love for it, you’re halfway there. 


5. Make it part of your house rules

Rules are good for kids. It gives them structureand structure improves your child’s brain! So don’t worry about putting your put down and creating house rules that will help limit your kids’ screen time.

For example, you can create ‘no phone zones’ for certain areas of your house or ‘no phone time’ during meals or bedtime. Just make sure you are consistent and firm about those rules. 


6. Go out and have fun

Once in a while, it’s good to go out and take your kids out of an environment where there’s nothing to do but slouch on the couch with a phone. It’s difficult now with the pandemic but it’s not impossible. 

You can go on a picnic somewhere close to home or even in your backyard! This is a great time to use TheSTEMKids Portable Microscope too! Encourage them to explore with this nifty gadget and watch them have a good time peering at ants, bugs, leaves, and all other things they can find in your own backyard! It delights like a toy! Speaking of toys... 


7. Get them interesting toys

Aside from STEM toys for educational fun, get your kids good old toys that we all grew up with as kids. There is learning in unstructured play even though it’s not always obvious. 

The toys don’t always have to expensive but they have to be interesting enough. If you’re crafty, try DIY toys with your kids. It will be like hitting two birds with one stone. You get a toy and you get an art activity your kids can engage in. 

Have fun!




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