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      Capture The Excitement of a Whole New World!

      Have your kids experience the thrill and discovery of an entire new world! Hear the 'ooo and ahhh's as your kids see things that were impossible to see before! It's rated by thousands as the one of the most unique and fascinating learning gadgets out there!

      The Perfect Learning Gadget Invented for Young Explorers and Scientists!

      Watch your kids run around with glee as they look for new things to examine! It's important to foster curiosity at a young age for future success. The best way to cultivate lifelong learners is to have them learn by doing!

      Make Learning Fun! Teach Them Awesome Concepts at Home!

      With schools transitioning to online classes, it's more important than ever to keep kids engaged and moving. With STEMkids, learning has never been so fun and easy! Teach your kids the concepts of optics, microbiology, plant life, and more!

      (P.S.: These are all customer taken photos!)

      Used by Researchers and Scientists

      Scientists and engineers have been known to use this microscope for field investigations and research. Some cited uses include examining the quality of various protective and conformal coating, inspecting solder joints, studying corrosion on metallic surfaces, and more! Have peace of mind knowing that the high quality of this microscope means that it is used and loved by even the most avid researchers!

      One of the Most Interactive Gadgets Out There!

      Hate seeing gadgets and toys being left to collect dust in the cupboard? We do too! Your child will definitely spend more time on this more interactive version compared to all the others. It's better than traditional microscopes because those are fragile and cannot be moved. Our handheld microscope allows kids to explore their surroundings and see exactly what they want on-the-spot.


      Designed For All Ages! Point and View For Instant Fun!

      Unlike other science gadgets, our portable microscope is extremely easy to use. With only two adjustable knobs, focusing on areas of interest is as easy as it gets!
      Each one of our STEMKids microscopes comes with 2 microscope slides. However, our "point-and-view design" means that if you do not want to use the microscope slides, you can simply point the microscope at the "creepy crawlies" and "exotic plants" to instantly unlock the treasures of the microcosms!

      Kids LOVE Receiving it as Gifts!

      Imagine seeing their eyes light up with delight as they unveil this magical and unique gadget! The STEMKids microscope will never leave their hands as it provides hours of fun and learning! Kids love receiving it as a gift for the holidays, birthday, or as a reward for all their hard work!


      Highlights and Specifications

      ✔️ Explore the Microcosms: Powerful and adjustable 20-40x magnification.

      ✔️ Easily Powered: Bright LED Light for crystal clear vision (3 LR-44 batteries included)!

      ✔️ Compact and Portable: Easily fits in pockets (total size is 1.2 inches x 2.25 inches x 3.5 inches).

      ✔️ Durable and Long-Lasting: Tough ABS plastic and protective sheath protects against drops and falls.

      ✔️ Includes Free Microscope Slides: Two free microscope slides in every purchase!


      Backed By Our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee! Buy Now to Secure Your Item!