Microscope Slides with Real Beetle (Complete Kit)!

Microscope Slides with Real Beetle (Complete Kit)!

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Dive into the Mysterious Insect World!


 Imagine examining a mosquito mouth, locust leg, and honeybee wing all in the comfort of your own home! Collecting insects can be dangerous (and gross) for kids and adults. Since all the microscope slides are pre-prepared, this is a pain-free and safe way to explore with confidence! 

Over 12 Different Microscope Slides!


Our complete exploration kit contains over 12 microscope prepared bug samples. The slides are made out of high quality glass, which makes viewing easy and crystal clear! It also comes with a PVC box, which is ultra-sturdy and allows for years of storage.


 Complete List of Slides:


Mouth Parts: Butterfly, Cockroach, Honeybee, House Fly, Female Mosquito
Legs: Mole Cricket, Locust, Honeybee, Cockroach
Eye: Dragonfly
Wings: Honeybee
Antennae: Mosquito

Includes a Real Beetle!