LeviGlobe Floating Earth V3

LeviGlobe Floating Earth V3

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The World is Yours To Command with Our Fully Levitating Globe!

By owning The LeviGlobe, you will have one of the most unique decorations on the market today. It uses a magnetic force to make the Earth float with absolutely nothing attached!

It Makes the Perfect Decoration! Add a Unique Style!

Watch as you and your family become entranced with how awesome it is! It goes well on your desk, the bedroom, living room, and other places that need that extra zing'. Furthermore, it is equipped with a colorful LED lights feature that adds a unique glow when turned on in the dark!


Kids Absolutely Adore it! 

Don't be surprised if your kids spend hours of attention on this floating globe! Spark the curiosity within them and help nurture a love for science. They'll learn physics, magnetism, and geography all at the same time. Perfect for that young scholar in your life!


The Ideal Gift For Family Members, Kids, and Friends!

Know someone who loves science or a unique gift? They will definitely enjoy The LeviGlobe. It makes for an awesome conversation starter, educational tool, and decoration. 


Highlights and Specifications

Material: Sturdy ABS, PVC and metal
Earth diameter: About 8.5 cm (3.35 inches)
Size (H*W): About 17.5 by 17.5 cm (6.89 by 6.89 inches)

Powerful magnet! Please keep this item at least a foot (30 cm) away from computer devices and other electronic devices. People with pacemakers should also not come in close contact with the magnet.


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