10 Parenting Hacks that Turn Good Parents into Great Ones!

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Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do. -Matt Walsh

Some say being in the military is the toughest job out there. Others believe it’s the healthcare industry. But we all can agree that nothing beats parenthood in the difficulty department. What makes it tough is that there is no guide to get you through it. But if you’re looking for parenting hacks that will somehow make your parenting life easier, even by a smidge - You are in luck! 

We collected the most relevant parenting hacks from actual moms and dads to help you in raising that little one like a breeze. And we’ll teach you exactly how to do them!

Stay tuned, because this is going to be a fun ride!

10 Parenting Hacks for Easy-peasy Parenting

Parenting Hacks that Turn Good Parents to Great Ones

1. Keep ‘em in!

A parent closing the door

Once your kids begin to learn how to walk, there are no longer safe spaces in the house. Your kid will basically terrorize every room they can enter with one twist of the doorknob.

Parenting hacks are supposed to protect kids. And this strategy does just that by keeping them safe and sound in the room. Especially important if you can’t keep an eye on them. Like if you need to do a quick errand or chore in the house. Or you just want to keep them from destroying every little thing they can get a hold of.

It would be great to leave some toys in the room to drive boredom away.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Grab some socks, preferably ones you no longer use

  2. Cover each doorknob with sock

Doing so reduces the friction when twisting the doorknob. It is physically impossible for kids, with their tiny t-rex hands, to open doors with such. Funny parenting hacks that keep you entertained while watching them struggle to open doors. At least you can be at peace knowing they are safe and your stuff is safe too!


2. Bump without the grunt

Baby walkers are one of the most innovative parenting life hacks to teach kids how to walk properly. But unfortunately, they are miserably imperfect. True that they can assist kids, the downside, however, is that these walkers can damage our property and furniture too. Happens every time kids bump on them.

What’s worse is that our children can get hurt. The key here is to make these walkers bump-friendly. Parenting hacks should not look after the welfare of kids, but also protect parents (and their precious investments!) from damages.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Get around 2-3 pieces of pool noodles and some zip ties

  2. Surround the wheeled frame of the walker with pool noodles and secure them tightly with the zip ties

Now be worry-free that bumping against walls will have significantly less impact on your kids. On top of that, the pool noodles will brace the impact whenever they hit your walls. This means no more property damages.

Talk about hitting two birds with one stone. Or in this case, protecting two entities with pool noodles.


3. Water painter

Kids rarely find activities to keep them occupied. But nothing feels better for children than the opportunity to do grown-up stuff. Want to keep your kids busy? Give them a paint bucket, some brushes, and just let them rip. This funny parenting hack was implemented by Shona Jefferies to her toddler, as seen in her IG post.

The trick goes as follows:

  1. Fill an empty paint bucket with water

  2. Give your kid a paintbrush

  3. Let them paint the fence

If you are gardening and you wish to keep them close by, this is one of the best parenting hacks. Children will not even bat an eye at the deceptive ploy. They wouldn’t suspect the trickery! This will give them something to do until you finish pruning your greens and you are ready to go back inside.


4. Hide-and-sneak

Nothing is more guilt-tripping than our kids looking at us, with those pleading faces, when we’re having some snacks. Not that we don’t want to give them. But some snacks are just not advisable for kids' consumption yet, like chocolates.

What better way to hide your snacks than inside their worst enemies - vegetable packages! They won’t have any business snooping around yucky stuff, so your snacks are safe.

Here is how you do it:

  1. Don’t throw your empty veggie packs or bean bags

  2. Fill it with your favorite snacks (chocolates, candies, etc.)

  3. Place it inside the fridge

They wouldn’t bother checking the bag out, I assure you. You know what that means, you can snack when they are not looking! Parenting hacks add the element of stealth to raising children.


5. Thinking inside the box

Kids are naturally creative, and that is a great thing! But sometimes they get too creative and start coloring over the walls. Unless you buy washable markers, cleanup can be extremely tedious. Thankfully, we have the simplest and cheapest parenting life hacks for you! You just need two things: A box and some drawing/coloring stuff.

Leave your kids and their creativity inside the empty box.

This is how it’s done:

  1. Take an empty box, preferably something big enough where your child can fit

  2. Place your kids inside and give them some coloring materials

  3. Tell them they can draw or color anywhere as long as it's inside the box

Not only are they safe and secured inside, but they can also have fun working on their creativity with every empty space the box can offer! Make sure your kids are close by when you do this so you can check up on them every now and then.


6. Cling wrap armor

Arts and crafts are the messiest activities that kids just enjoy being a part of. But if kids make too much mess, that just means you have more floor to clean and worse, more dirty clothes to wash. The use of smocks is one of the parenting hacks designed to protect their shirts from stains. 

But what if they refuse to use one? Don’t worry because we know the funny parenting hacks you need:

  1. Get some cling wrap from your kitchen

  2. Press and seal the cling wrap in front of their shirts

  3. Remove the cling wrap once they are done being creative

An easy technique to protect their garments from difficult-to-wash paint stains and marks. Transparent cling wraps are the perfect parenting life hacks for kids who do not want to wear anything above their superhero shirts.


7. French apples

Getting kids to eat fruits and veggies is a very challenging task especially for parents. Fast food and french fries seem to be the only ones they like to eat, nowadays. But this predicament is nothing some good ol’ optical illusion cannot solve.

We have funny parenting hacks to help you in getting your child to eat some apples.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Remove the outer red skin of the apple

  2. Slice them up to resemble french fries

  3. Serve and bon appétit 

This trick works on the younger crowd. Ones that haven’t gotten the taste of french fries embedded on their tongues yet. Nevertheless, it is an effective parenting hack to get kids munching on some healthy fruits. Instead of those oily food options (which taste great, not gonna lie).


8. Color-coded routines

black and yellow analog clock

No matter the age, time management should be instilled early on. This makes teaching them about routines easier and more fun. This can be effectively employed when they see time as colors as it makes it more understandable for their level. Parenting life hacks not only make life a bit easier, but also teaches invaluable lessons down the line.

You can do these parenting life hacks this way:

  1. Get a wall clock, preferably one you no longer use

  2. Sync it with the normal clock

  3. Color code every time period by coloring each time bracket 

  4. Provide a legend they can for reference

Here is an example:

Time bracket



4:00 - 5:00 PM



5:00 - 6:00 PM



6:00 - 6:30 PM

Shower/Clean Up


6:30 - 7:30 PM



7:30 - onwards



This way, kids can identify what they should be doing at the specified time. This parenting hack can also teach them the basics of time reading. Skills they need as they grow older!


9. No object permanence, no problem!

parenting hacks facebook post

Kids do not yet develop their object permanence during their early months. And this is something you can take advantage of for your own benefit!

If your kids always fight and make noise at the very sight of their siblings. Funny parenting hacks like what Mr. Jake White did in his Facebook post will benefit you greatly!

Here’s what you can do to make your car ride less vexing:

  1. Grab some cardboard and use them to separate kids from each other

  2. Their lack of object permanence will make them think that their siblings are not there

This results in less crying and whining in the car. And less headache on your end as well!


10. Rubber stopper for soap dispenser

You may not have thought extensively about this but kids are pretty small creatures. That means everything they use should correspond in small portions as well. 

From pea-sized toothpaste to smaller food portions. Soap is another aspect that should come in small bits when kids use them. However, more often than not kids dispense soaps until their hands can accommodate no more.

We’ll teach you valuable parenting hacks to avoid this:

  1. Grab a piece of rubber band

  2. Wrap it around the spout of the soap dispenser

  3. This will readily limit the amount they squeeze out

A basic parenting hack but something we often overlook. Ever wonder why you consume soap faster than those rappers rapping? If so, then implement this parenting hack for your good!


The Ultimate Parenting Lifehack

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