Who We Are

TheSTEMKids goal is to nurture today’s young learners and to build tomorrow’s experts. We do this through sparking a love for science to your kids through educational and entertaining science toys!

Designed to be a full-on and engaging hands-on experience, our toy line takes advantage of how kids learn best and nurtures their curiosity!

TheSTEMKids want to take you with us in building the minds of the future experts of the world. We’re going to make big strides in preparing them for schooling, their future career paths, and ultimately success!

We believe one of the most important avenues to success is seeking the truth. Because science involves uncovering the truth about the world around us, it is important to teach kids at a young age the importance of scientific inquiry and discussion. That’s why riding the “science wave” should be one of the first things you teach your kids! It’s important to get off to a good start in order to build a solid foundation. It’s why we created TheSTEMKids in the first place.

About the Founder

As a STEM lover, Max created the TheSTEMKids as a labor of love. He’s been fascinated with science ever since he was four years old. Through his experiences, he learned that there is no such thing as too early when it comes to teaching kids science.

Aside from the obvious cognitive benefits of learning science at an early age, there is a little known social (or bonding) benefit behind it. A major byproduct of learning science with your children is that it creates a strong bond between you and your child. A family that learns together stays together!

If you give your full support to your children in their fascination with science, they will live as cheerful children. For me, having support helped prepare me for the real world. I relied on what I have learned in the past to propel me forward in my endeavors, even when I felt like the world was against me.

Science is also about recognition. By building and exploring cool and interesting things, you have a chance to recognize your children for the awesome things they do! You’ll always have their back and help them pursue their passions!

Max believes that if parents make time to play with their kids and help them explore the world, it will create memorable moments that their child will cherish forever. A cheerful kid will see the world in a positive and optimistic way, a viewpoint that is so direly needed in today’s world!

In March 2022, OpenStore acquired TheSTEMkids and is very proud to build on the foundation that Max has built in creating STEMKids while maintaining the same quality and service TheSTEMKids customers have come to expect.

Our Mission

We believe that when kids fall in love with science at an early age, they’ll be 10 steps ahead of anyone who doesn’t.


The fundamentals of loving and learning science will bear fruit to practical aspects in life you would not believe.

In school, they’ll develop studying habits that make them locate the interesting details in what might otherwise be a boring subject. You might not have to force them to study anymore. And that's the obvious part.

Science is so diverse that it could help your kid develop key life skills - dealing with disappointments, seeking help, and decision making. It’s not just being a critical thinker, if that’s what you thought.

What we’re most concerned about is that these young learners will grow up to be the experts of their generation. Wouldn’t it make you sleep peacefully at night knowing that you're setting your kid up for success and that he/she will grow up to be someone that shares their skills and knowledge with the world?

Here at TheSTEMKids, we want to make you see the importance of teaching science to kids, and how it’s fun with our products.