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Science nerd in the making.

Sent the STEMKids microscope to my 8 year old granddaughter for her birthday. She went right to work looking at the slides and anything her Dad had on the kitchen counter. Great idea to get young minds thinking !

SciSlides Zoo Edition: Complete Slides Kit with REAL Snakeskin
Shelley Newsham

Pack of 4 (Best Deal)

Opens a whole new world!

The microscope is just perfect for beginners young and old. I love that it's portable so we can bring it with us on our forest walks. With all the bugs trying to come into the house because of fall, we've had an ample supply of neat things to look at. We even decided to see what a fruit fly looks like up close!

The Best Thing Ever

These microscopes do not disappoint! We looked at dog hair and apples inside, then leaves, bugs, balls, and nuts outside. A really fun one was the sparkle on parts of the 20 dollar bill

SciSlides Bug Edition: Complete Microscope Slides Kit with Real Beetle

My three youngest, love it, well, they fight for it! They spend hours in the backyard or around the house looking at everything. It’s a bit expensive for me so I’ll wait a little.
We went camping with families and everyone was excited to try it!
I would recommend it fully, good quality.
I have pics

Fun little microscope that opens up a whole new world

Surprisingly effective and easy to use. I feel like it's an order of magnitude easier to use than what I remember from highschool. Really neat to see my daughter's enthusiasm over the past week.

A hit with my nature-loving grandson

I purchased the portable microscope for my grandson's 8th birthday. As soon as he unwrapped it, he immediately took it out of the box. He couldn't wait to start exploring with it. He is so excited to bring it around his country house property and check out all of the nature around him.

Awesome for my 4 year old!

My four year old loved it! I was originally worried that she would have a hard time using it (because I couldn't figure out how to get it to work), but she was able to figure it out in 5 mins!!!! Now she basically carries it everywhere.

Expected different, but still loads of fun for the whole family!

If your expecting a ultra-powerful microscope, this is not it. It's made out of plastic. BUT it seems to be really durable plastic. I dropped it several times from my height (5' 8'') and there is not even a single scratch! The lens quality is also really good. Enough to observe bugs and insects.

Outdoor fun -- kids and I love it!

I bought it for my kid's birthday, but I found myself swiping it from their rooms from time to time to do my own exploring! I love using this! Right here are some close up pixel shots

Five Stars

Awesome tool for homeschooling, education, and learning. Couldn't be happier with the quality or price.

10 stars! BUY

OMG I'm surprised on how well it works, glad I bought them for my kid for as a gift


I bought it for my two elementary aged daughters. They have a traditional microscope, I purchased this specifically for the younger 7 year old because she is a total nature girl. I knew she'd be outside examining flower petals, dirt, bugs, etc (whatever she'd get her hands on). Since it arrived, we've looked at money, beads, more dirt, strands of hair, bugs, food, anything that would fit under the scope. Just place the item of interest under the clear shield, with the LED shining directly on it and you can see intricate detail, patterns, textures that you'd never discern with your naked eye.

Worth every penny to get the kids thinking!

In 24 hours my 4 year daughter has had more fun than we have had in a long time. Honestly expected it to be a glorified magnifying glass. Trust me, this is an actual microscope.

I'd give it 0 stars if I could

They took my money and haven't shipped they do not respond to emails any no other way to contact them. Don't fall for this scam.

Missing order

I would love to give a review however I still have not received my order

Pleased with the quality of the microscope

My 12 year old son and his younger sister like this portable microscope
We are all a little surprised at the quality of magnification. I’m ordering one for a 5year old birthday—he will love it as he loves to carry stuff around

Microscope and slides

Not given yet. Is for Christmas. I’m sure he will love it.

Portable microscope

haven't received it yet - company shipped two slide kits instead of microscope and kit

Portable microscope

Our 5 yr old grandson loves this more than we even dreamed of! It has, clearly, sparked an interest in knowing more...can't beat that!

This microscope will be a Christmas present.

SciSlides Bug Edition: Complete Microscope Slides Kit with Real Beetle
Joan Mcgillem

SciSlides Bug Edition: Complete Microscope Slides Kit with Real Beetle

Having fun with science

Planning on giving STEM portable microscopes to 4 of my grandchildren for Christmas this year. It looks like it will be a great and fun learning tool.

I have looked at the equipment and the ease of using this microscope. We are giving them as Christmas gifts, therefore our grand daughters have not seen them yet. However, they are going to love these. They live in Michigan on 3 acres of land to explore and investigate. We’ll let you know as soon as they have them in hands!