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Awesome for my 4 year old!

My four year old loved it! I was originally worried that she would have a hard time using it (because I couldn't figure out how to get it to work), but she was able to figure it out in 5 mins!!!! Now she basically carries it everywhere.

Outdoor fun -- kids and I love it!

I bought it for my kid's birthday, but I found myself swiping it from their rooms from time to time to do my own exploring! I love using this! Right here are some close up pixel shots

Expected different, but still loads of fun for the whole family!

If your expecting a ultra-powerful microscope, this is not it. It's made out of plastic. BUT it seems to be really durable plastic. I dropped it several times from my height (5' 8'') and there is not even a single scratch! The lens quality is also really good. Enough to observe bugs and insects.

Five Stars

Awesome tool for homeschooling, education, and learning. Couldn't be happier with the quality or price.

10 stars! BUY

OMG I'm surprised on how well it works, glad I bought them for my kid for as a gift


I bought it for my two elementary aged daughters. They have a traditional microscope, I purchased this specifically for the younger 7 year old because she is a total nature girl. I knew she'd be outside examining flower petals, dirt, bugs, etc (whatever she'd get her hands on). Since it arrived, we've looked at money, beads, more dirt, strands of hair, bugs, food, anything that would fit under the scope. Just place the item of interest under the clear shield, with the LED shining directly on it and you can see intricate detail, patterns, textures that you'd never discern with your naked eye.

Worth every penny to get the kids thinking!

In 24 hours my 4 year daughter has had more fun than we have had in a long time. Honestly expected it to be a glorified magnifying glass. Trust me, this is an actual microscope.

Kids are having a great time looking at all kinds of things with their microscopes. Great fun and they are seeing things up close!

Neat idea, needs some work

I bought this portable microscope for my nephew who just turned six. The magnification dial is stuck and will not turn, so it only functions at 20x magnification, not 40x. While all the adults in the room had fun looking at fabric and grains of salt with the microscope, my nephew and his nine-year-old friend both had difficulty seeing anything through it. However, I am fairly certain that with a little coaching he will be able to use it effectively and will enjoy it.

4 grandchildren love this!

My 4 grandchild LOVE this!

"That's so cool!"

The little ones are amazing. All the kids in the neighborhood were trying it out and I heard a lot of "That's so cool!"

Great Entomology Starter Kit!

My nephew was amazed seeing the details of tiny creatures. I'm happy that he liked the kit, I would definitely recommend this kit!


It floats!

Favorite Gift

I ordered this for my grandchildren and it arrived in time for the holidays and we opened it. The grandchildren call it their favorite gift!

It's a Huge Hit!

This is honestly such a HUGE hit! Really good quality light/lens. Initially, it's a challenge to put anything that isn't flat/ under the viewer, but you (or your children) get used to it quickly

I'M SOLD. Worth it!

My nephew wasn't sold on the microscope (I think he was planning on a traditional, desk-type one) that we gave him for Christmas. Since I emailed you a few days ago, he's changed his mind and is now enjoying it (his favorite thing so far: "Aunt Lizzie! I scraped my knee and then looked at the BLOOD!"
Thanks for your help, and thanks for helping kids love science early. Here's to good science teachers who can keep that love growing as they get older.

Very nice picture

For this price, it's AMAZING! It's amazing in general!

Very nice picture

Very good

Very cool

my favorite thing to view was the mole cricket digging leg. My daughter found the honey bee wing to be the most fascinating


I got this for my 7 year old son who is a HUGE science/STEM nerd. He hasn't put it down all day!!! I'm so glad :)

I can see pretty well

Really great handheld scope

Affordable price and great product

Absolutely Great!! I had my doubts when buying but went ahead anyways because of all the positive reviews. It is very simple to use and produces nice and clear images for the kids and I

powerful and lightweight enough for kids

Incredible microscope. Nice size

I'm surprised by the power

WOW was I impressed. If you're looking for a pocket microscope for the kids, this is one! 20-40x doesn't seem like a lot, but once you get this thing you are suddenly looking at everything. Great buy

Great find thank you!

Great light