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The Stemscope has been a great introduction to the world of micro science for my 3 yr old granddaughter. It has heightened her natural curiosity and imagination as she is always on the hunt for interesting things to examine under the very toddler-friendly & sturdy scope. Great bonding opportunity for her and her curious & science minded dad, too!

He loves it!

My brother and my 4 year old nephew Mason live out of state. Science is very important to me, so I was thrilled to be able to send this microscope to Mason during the holidays. He loves it! The first thing they did was look at salt and sugar crystals. And they were even able to take pictures through the microscope so they could show me what they saw! We're all very happy with it.

STEM portable microscope 2.0

These were a gift from Grandpa. They are easy to use, durable and have good image quality . Our 2 and 5 year olds had fun looking at snowflakes.

Up close and spectacular!

Great for seeing details in plants, skin, food and really just about anything you could think of!

Awesome microscope!

I got this as a gift for my 10 yr old son and he loves it! He brings it everywhere and is always coming up with new things to look at. It’s opened a new sense of wonder and a desire for learning that is so fun to see. He was amazed that a matted piece of cat fur was actually many tiny strands of fur wrapped around each other. After that he couldn’t put it down. I highly recommend this product to spark curiosity in your child!

My daughter loves it.

My daughter LOVES science so we got this for her 7th birthday. I am a high school science teacher and have had a lot of experience with microscopes. This microscope is so easy to use and very high quality for the money. I am impressed. She has been trying to zoom in on everything in our house. I can’t wait for spring so she can get out and truly put it to work in nature. Thanks!

Awesome product

I got this microscope for my kids this past Christmas and we have loved it! It’s sturdy and very easy to use. Crystal clear images too. We have looked at dirt, spit, cheek cells, and bugs and the kids have been amazed. It makes science fun. Thanks!

Stem Kids Microphone

We have been pushing stem products to my 8 year old granddaughter who has an interest in science. She was thrilled to get this microscope as a Valentine present. See video and pictures sent. She is looking forward to using it outdoors in the spring.

Such great detail

Got the microscopes for Christmas and have had so much fun. Ordered the slides for prepared, added items to explore. Have had so much fun learning. Have a 4 year old and 7 year old exploring new, microscopic worlds!


Our students LOVE these portable microscopes. They were fascinated by the slides and were in amazement at what they saw and learned. Perfect for little hands and a great piece of equipment!

Great gift for any science loving kid!

My 8 year old really enjoys his microscope and slides! He loves being able to see all kinds of things and that the microscope is portable. He is looking forward to finding all kinds of other things to see!

The STEM Scope Portable Microscope

This product is super kid friendly, easy to use, budget friendly and durable. My son uses it throughout the week, exploring leaves, rocks, grass, dirt, carpet, pillows. Literally anything and everything. He loves it so much. Best holiday gift ever! It was so easy to browse the website and purchase. Great details of pictures, specs and reviews.

Fun for the kids!

The kids love the microscope and have fun trying to see a variety of different objects beneath it. The magnifying isn't great and you can't see much. But it's a portable kids microscope so probably to be expected. Lots of great entertainment for curious young minds.

Making homeschooling more fun!

My kids (5 and 8) are so excited about science now. Last week we studied oceans and looked at sand and seashells with our portable microscope. But we also use it for other subjects like art. The kids can draw and paint what the sand looks like under the microscope. We can take it on Hikes to look at grass, tree bark and bugs.

We love it!

My 4 year old is amazed with this microscope. It only took a moment to explain it to him. He wants to look at everything with it, it’s so cute. The photo included is kinetic sand.

Science nerd in the making.

Sent the STEMKids microscope to my 8 year old granddaughter for her birthday. She went right to work looking at the slides and anything her Dad had on the kitchen counter. Great idea to get young minds thinking !

Opens a whole new world!

The microscope is just perfect for beginners young and old. I love that it's portable so we can bring it with us on our forest walks. With all the bugs trying to come into the house because of fall, we've had an ample supply of neat things to look at. We even decided to see what a fruit fly looks like up close!

The Best Thing Ever

These microscopes do not disappoint! We looked at dog hair and apples inside, then leaves, bugs, balls, and nuts outside. A really fun one was the sparkle on parts of the 20 dollar bill

SciSlides Bug Edition: Complete Microscope Slides Kit with Real Beetle

My three youngest, love it, well, they fight for it! They spend hours in the backyard or around the house looking at everything. It’s a bit expensive for me so I’ll wait a little.
We went camping with families and everyone was excited to try it!
I would recommend it fully, good quality.
I have pics

Grandparents' Month

I can send my kids and grandparents to play with this microscope for endless searching in the basement and on their nature walks!

Fun little microscope that opens up a whole new world

Surprisingly effective and easy to use. I feel like it's an order of magnitude easier to use than what I remember from highschool. Really neat to see my daughter's enthusiasm over the past week.

A hit with my nature-loving grandson

I purchased the portable microscope for my grandson's 8th birthday. As soon as he unwrapped it, he immediately took it out of the box. He couldn't wait to start exploring with it. He is so excited to bring it around his country house property and check out all of the nature around him.

Awesome for my 4 year old!

My four year old loved it! I was originally worried that she would have a hard time using it (because I couldn't figure out how to get it to work), but she was able to figure it out in 5 mins!!!! Now she basically carries it everywhere.

Outdoor fun -- kids and I love it!

I bought it for my kid's birthday, but I found myself swiping it from their rooms from time to time to do my own exploring! I love using this! Right here are some close up pixel shots