10 Science Toys for 3 Year Olds That Make Your Children Bright!

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“We should not teach children the sciences but give them a taste for them” -Jean Jacques Rosseau

If you want children to incline themselves in science, boring manuals and science books will only get you yawns. Instead, the best way to teach kids these scientific concepts is through educational play. This is the reason why science toys for kids were developed!

On top of having fun, science toys for kids have been specifically designed to cultivate learning among children. Kids at 3 are now starting to become more physically active in play and their imagination begins to peak. That is why science toys for 3 year olds must accommodate both learning and active physical participation.

And this list features no less than just that! 

We have selected the best science toys for kids you can buy right now. Toys that do not only teach kids scientific stuff but are also great avenues to initiate bonding with your kids or grandkids!

10 of the best science toys for 3 Year Olds


No need to look elsewhere because we compiled the 10 best there is. Check out the list below:


TheSTEMKids Portable Microscope

Exploring blades of grass and running over muddy puddles is just a blissful experience for kids. The perfect science toys for active kids like these are the ones that can up their exploration to the next level!

TheSTEMKids portable microscope is a lightweight handheld device made to be brought wherever children are. With 40X magnification, this microscope toy is powerful enough to observe even the tiniest insects. A helpful assistant for adventurous kids who want to explore nature up-close. 

The build quality makes it suited for clumsy 3-year-olds. Made with durable material, they can drop this all they want and it can still perform at its best! If you want them to explore indoors, you may also get the microscope slides kit and view real mounted insects under the lenses.


Thames & Kosmos Automobile Engineering Kit

Build-your-own cars are suitable science toys for kids who love automobiles and engineering. This is what Thames & Kosmos had in mind for this kit.

This automobile kit comes with a 32-page storybook manual to guide kids as they construct their desired vehicle. The kit comes with 70 pieces out of the box that kids can use to form the design. A great option to help kids develop their motor skills. 

Children have a maximum of 10 car models to build using the provided pieces! And even if they fail at that, connecting each piece on their own accord is still enjoyable, nonetheless.


SmartMax Magnetic Building Set XL

We can never deny that even as grownups, the concept of magnetism is still as fascinating as ever. And SmartMax capitalized on that, in this magnetic building set.

The concept is simple, you get big metal balls and colorful bars and you just have to connect them from end to end, letting the magic of magnetism keep them together! Science toys for kids like this allow them to maximize their imagination.

Their creativity is the only limit to what kids can build. The XL pieces are preventative against potential choking hazards as well.


Sphero Specdrums

The beautiful thing about STEM toys is that there is embedded artistry underneath all the science. Sphero Specdrums is one of the science toys for kids that capture the art of music in a scientific toy.

It comes with simple 2-piece silicon rings, simple yet technologically packed! This ring has sensors and Bluetooth connectivity to connect with a proprietary phone app. Tap your ring-wrapped fingers on any colored surface and listen to the music generated from the app.

Kids can create, mix, and produce their own tunes with simple taps of their fingers! This is a prime example of science toys for 3 year olds who want to delve into music in the future.


Picasso Tiles Magnet Building Tiles

Like SmartMax’, Picasso Tiles are science toys for kids that integrate magnetism as their banner feature. But this time around, your 3 year olds can use the 2D magnetic tile pieces to create awesome 3D designs!

Picasso Tiles are generous within the number of pieces. Kids may use the 100 pieces to build whatever amazing designs they can think of. From castles to animals, they have the freedom to max out their creativity!

This means that the possibilities they can create are endless. And this results in non-stop entertainment and learning!


Dan&Darci Light-Up Terrarium Kit

Now that virus got everyone stuck at home, it’s a splendid opportunity to teach children about growing plants while at it! Dan&Darci’s Terrarium kit is a great build-you-own-garden adventure for the 3 year olds.

This mini garden simulates that of the real world with actual active seedlings and colorful growing media to help them cultivate their own garden. It has colored soil, sand, rocks, and miniature ornaments that tap into your kids’ artistic juices. The provided chia and wheatgrass seeds are the elements that bring life to the terrarium. The LED lights make the set glow even in the dark!

These science toys for kids are great options to teach children about plants and measures of taking care of them. You got all the tools you need in the kit to grow and care for the plants, nurture them together!


Jasonwell STEM Building Block

Another building block tool to get their engineering spirits running is Jasonwell’s. But unlike the other building block science toys for kids, Jasonwell’s version offers toy electric screwdrivers to build the designs!

Kids can practice their motor skills, engineering design, and logical thinking to connect the pieces together. Robots? Dinosaurs? Helicopters? All it takes is a little bit of imagination and effort, and they can build the perfect toy.

These science toys for 3 year olds are useful in preparing kids for the tinkering activities in school!


Stomp Rocket Jr. Glow

“My 3 year old enjoys nothing more than to run and chase stuff. What can I buy?”

Well, we included in this list of science toys for 3 year olds toys for your extremely physically active kid! 

Stomp Rocket Jr. is a run, jump, and stomp kind of toy but it does not disappoint in the fun department. Kids get multiple foam rockets out of the box and a launching pad where they are supposed to stomp. Depending on the power, watch the rocket soar high through the air. 

An interesting platform to teach kids about force and trajectory. And of course, a fun outdoor bonding experience while you spend the afternoon in the park.


Milton the Mealtime Companion

Perhaps the toughest struggle that 3 year olds face in their young lives are those greens and veggies you serve on the table. It can be challenging to get kids to eat veggies! But if they have a companion that can go with them through the process, it can be way easier.

Milton the Mealtime Companion is, as the name suggests, their best friend in eating those yucky (but extremely healthy!) greens. This silicone toy serves as their role model. Milton eats and chews whatever is fed to it and when he does, kids follow suit! 

If kids want to learn Milton’s backstory, just pop open the storybook that comes with it. This toy is extremely safe and dishwashing liquid works perfectly with it. Just squeeze the cheeks, extract the food, and it is good for rinsing already.


Dinosaur Soap Lab

Nothing beats a playtime activity with results that they can readily utilize right after! Dan&Darci found an awesome solution for this conundrum through their dinosaur soap lab! 

Disclaimer: It would be best to accompany children throughout the process, to guide them, and to also bond with them!

The Dinosaur Soap Lab features all the materials kids need to create their very own body soap. You get six soap base blocks when you purchase and this is empowered by 2 awesome fragrances. They can design and mold their soaps from the three provided dinosaur molds: T-rex, Stegosaurus, and Styracosaurus!

If you struggle to get kids in the bathroom and shower, then this might be the missing link! Get kids excited to shower with the soap they can derive from this activity.


Threemember these words!

At the early age of three, children are already highly receptive to learning and discovery. This imaginative stage peaks at the age of 6. For this reason, science toys for 3 year olds are major components to reinforce this stage and maximize their learning capacities. 

The abovementioned are some of the best science toys for kids you can get right now. If you are searching for a versatile toy that combines fun, curiosity, and adventure in one single learning experience then our microscope toy is an option you might want to consider. 

Partner it with the microscope slides kit to keep extend the exploration even indoors. It comes with real beetles and other mounted samples, making the experience as realistic as possible! 

Grab TheSTEMKids portable microscope and microscope slides kit now and enjoy 15% OFF your purchase + free delivery to your doorstep!

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