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Top 10 Magical Gifts for Kids Who Have Everything in 2023

8 minute read

Top 10 Magical Gifts for Kids Who Have Everything in 2022

Finding gifts for kids who have everything can be tedious. For one, you might get them an item they already have, but worse, you may not be familiar with the latest toys and gizmos that kids deem cool nowadays, making your situation even more complicated.

Thankfully, we listed below the most unique and magical gifts that money can buy and even loaded kids will appreciate having. From children who love art to geeky science whizzes, our magical gift ideas have them covered, so stay tuned!


10 Best Gifts for Kids Who Have Everything


1. For budding scientists: The Superscope 3-in-1 Digital Microscope

Building a child's future begins with their childhood. If the receiver has shown a passion for the sciences, buttress their inclinations by giving them a gift they can use indefinitely!

The Superscope is the perfect choice for viewing tiny bacteria or any other micro-wonder that piques their curiosity. Kids can connect it to computers via the included high-definition camera. While for on-the-go usage, they may disassemble the device to use portably. 

It's a revolutionary gadget among other microscopes. And it's one of the best gifts for kids who have everything because certainly, they don't have this yet!


  • Versatile microscope (fit even for college use)

  • Powerful magnification

  • Free camera and smartphone holder


  • Premium features come at a premium price


2. For adventure seekers: The STEMscope

Even kids who have everything will never have enough adventures to satiate their knack for exploration. So equip them with the best tool for all adventurers — the STEMscope.

Like its big brother, the Superscope, the STEMscope is a portable microscope that can fit a child's pocket. Thanks to the lightweight build, children can comfortably carry the device all day without a sweat. And there's no need for you to worry because the shatterproof shell ensures durability even after multiple drops.

It's an excellent tool for outdoorsy kids to see the world up-close and personal!

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  • Made with kids in mind

  • Durable and lightweight

  • Adequate magnification for children


  • Quality comes at a price


3. For artsy kids: 3Doodler Start+ Essentials

Doodling on pads and splashing colors over canvasses is nothing out of the ordinary. But how about drawing out of thin air? Now that's something artsy children ought to try!

Sketchpads and coloring books are stereotypical gifts to encourage imagination, but they won't make great gifts for kids who have everything. On the other hand, 3Doodler Start is an excellent gift to facilitate a child's creativity by helping them create 3D images. 

It's made from safe materials to ensure children's safety, and it comes with free filaments kids can use to bring their art to life!


  • No hot parts for safety

  • Drawings set after a few seconds

  • Free filaments and activity guides


  • Rechargeable but uses a micro-USB cable

  • A bit pricey


4. For little storytellers: Lulu Jr. My Comic Book Making Kit

Although kids can share a story verbally, nothing beats expressing a narrative through artistic and relatable art forms, like comics. And the My Comic Book Making kit is the perfect set to make this happen!

The comic book set includes everything your child needs to be their own Stan Lee. From dedicated 18-page blank comic book and a bunch of colored markers. So they can share their unique story in a burst of creativity emblazoned over blank pages!

Most importantly, you can mail the comic book back to them so they can give you a fully-printed comic book complete with an author page.


  • Best for encouraging creativity

  • Transform their comic book into a real comic

  • Complete tools for comic book creation


  • Ships only within the U.S.


5. For game addicts: Bears vs. Babies

Every family game night won't be complete without classic board and card games. But if the child has every classic game, Bears vs. Babies will add a unique flavor to their conventional family game nights.

Bears vs. Babies is a strategy card game for up to 5 players. The goal is to build powerful monsters strong enough to consume the antagonistic baby army when they attack. Although unconventional, the game is sure to bring laughter to the table!

Ultimately, the game comes in a unique furry container reminiscent of a grizzly bear's fur!


  • Perfect for up to 5 family members

  • Each round lasts 20 minutes

  • Cute furry box (no lie!)


  • Not for kids

  • Needs an expansion pack for more players


6. For plushy lovers: Anything from GIANTmicrobes

Every child likes plush toys. But with so many widespread plushies on the market, it can be vexing to find unique plushy gifts for kids who have everything. But if you're bent on finding one-of-a-kind plushies, GIANTmicrobes is the best go-to!

As the name suggests, GIANTmicrobes sells plush toys shaped like microbes (bacteria, viruses, and fungi). But they've released toys that look like vaccines and organs of the body, too, for people interested in those! 

Indeed, an unconventional approach to the commonly cute plushies we often see in stores and great gifts for kids who have everything!


  • Unique plushies

  • Can teach medical terms to children


  • Mostly out of stock

  • They don't replenish supplies on most designs


7. For the tech-savvy: Learning Resources Botley the Coding Robot

Tech isn't always about computers and screens. As a matter of fact, screened toys are bad for children, so keeping toys tactile while maintaining an element of tech is ideal. 

For children ages 5 and above, Botley the Coding Robot is the best toy to teach them about coding while keeping things fun, interactive, and screen-less!

Botley can be programmed using beginner codes that children manually input. Then, using the starter guide, children can perform challenges by commanding Botley using the right codes, which hones a child's algorithmic analysis!


  • 77-piece Botley set

  • Free coding cards, tiles, obstacle pieces, and starter guide

  • No-phone required


  • Uses a total of 5 AAA batteries to run


8. For the frugal: Save Spend Give Piggy Bank

Sometimes, the best gift for kids who have everything is not a grandiose item but a life lesson. Teaching kids how to save is an essential practice that they can carry over even to adulthood.

The Save Spen Give Piggy Bank is not your conventional pig-shaped cash repository; instead, it resembles a three-layered drawer to guide kids in managing their resources. This can teach them basic concepts of budgeting and financial goal-setting.

It comes with a dedicated app so children can track their progress!


  • Perfect in teaching financial literacy

  • Very functional design architecture

  • Free Android and iOS app


  • Kid-sized

  • Made from cardboard


9. For endless open-ended play: Obuby Kids Fort Building Kit

There's no question that open-ended play is an integral pillar of a healthy playtime. And the Obuby Kids Fort-Building set is one of the best open-ended toys for this end.

There is no need to stockpile boxes and pillows because this set has them all covered. The fort building kit includes 75 sticks and 45 jointed balls used to build their fort, and kids can explore different design architectures using the provided supplies. If forts are not their thing, they can make rockets, tunnels, igloos, etc.

Simply cover the fort with a large blanket, and voila, the build is finally complete!

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  • 120 total pieces

  • Durable and no structural collapse

  • Open-ended builds


  • Some materials have flex

  • Some sharp edges on the tubes


10. For building gratefulness: Gratitude Journal for Kids

Sometimes giving more gifts to kids who have everything is not the best approach. It also pays to mold a grateful attitude in light of the supplication they experience. And a gratitude journal might do the trick!

The idea is simple: they spend approximately 3 minutes daily listing down the things they feel grateful for. This will let allow them to see inwardly and be thankful for what they have, rather than focus on the things they think they lack.


  • Can be paperback or spiral-bound

  • Cultivates contentment

  • Facilitates bonding with parents


  • It can feel mundane due to the lack of discussion questions

  • Repetitive pages


Want More Gift Ideas for Kids Who Have Everything?

Every child is different, hence, the variety of disciplines represented by the products listed above. But if you're looking for more scientific and STEM-focused gifts for kids who have everything, feel free to check TheSTEMKids' complete catalog of science toys. We have you covered from microscopes to prepared microscope slides, down to STEM kits for kids!

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