Celebrating Halloween at Home? Here are 6 Fun Family Ideas this 2021!

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Kids might not get to do some trick or treating this year, but we found ways to make celebrating Halloween at home be just as fun -- and also educational!

Spending Halloween indoors shouldn't be boring. Although there are limitations, you can still make the best out of it using our Halloween-at-home ideas. We believe that there is no better way to celebrate Halloween at home than with the family. Use this moment to bond and create lasting memories.

There are many fun things to do this Halloween, even if you're stuck at home. So join us in exploring these 7 fun family ideas in celebrating Halloween at home.


6 Family-friendly Ways to Celebrate Halloween at Home


Celebrating Halloween indoors is not only fun but also safe. Plus, you get to spend it with the best people in your life. So here are extra fun ways to celebrate Halloween while in the comfort of your homes.


1. What should I be for Halloween? Suit up!

Father and daughter celebrating Halloween at home with mummy costumes

Although we can't celebrate Halloween traditionally, that doesn't mean we can't suit up! Costumes bring life to the season, and we should wear ones if we wish to make Halloween at home worthwhile.

There are countless affordable Halloween costumes you can get online. There are many choices, whether it's that scary horror character or your kid's favorite cartoon protagonist. If you wish, the family can also have a DIY Halloween costume party!

We have a dedicated article on science fiction Halloween costume ideas, and you might want to check that out! Here are some excellent examples:


Buzz lightyear

Pixar has just released the Lightyear movie trailer. Wearing Buzz's iconic white spacesuit would be superb!


Squid Game

This dystopian financial dilemma show is one of the best shows on Netflix right now. You can easily DIY this costume for your Halloween at-home celebration. A red hoodie and mask and you're set!


2. Taste Test Wicked Halloween Food and Candies


Kickstart the Halloween-at-home celebration on a sweet note. If you can't treat or treat candies, why not buy them yourselves and eat every single one of them!

There are many Halloween candies available now. They come in dedicated packs perfect for an assorted Halloween treat. Shop candies here!

But if you want some wicked foods this Halloween, you can always make them yourself. Just like these cool people did.

Check out these vampire cookie sandwiches from Real Housemoms.

Credits to: Real Housemoms 

... or this spooky-but-healthy food tray from FoodWorks.

Credits to: FoodWorks

3. Make Halloween Home Decoration

Classic black and orange Halloween decor

Another idea to celebrate Halloween at home is by decorating it. If you can't bring your kid to Halloween-themed places, get the Halloween theme at home instead!

There are many Halloween home decor you can make using household materials. Making these home decor for Halloween can be a fantastic bonding moment for the family. If you're looking for ways to make Halloween decorations out of paper, check this post from redtedart.

Although if DIY is not your thing, this is an awesome place to shop Halloween home decor!


4. Do Some STEM Halloween Experiments


Doing experiments is one way on how to enjoy Halloween at home. It's the perfect setting for kids to unleash their mad scientists and cunning wizards. This makes STEM experiments and Halloween ideal matches.

Are you looking for Halloween at home ideas? Below are a few examples!


Halloween Lava Lamp experiment

A simple aesthetic experiment that the family can do this Halloween. It uses simple household materials and basic STEM concepts, so it's easy to explain. This cool lava lamp makes the perfect Halloween home decor, too, if you ask us.


Glowing Tonic Water

Who knows water could glow? Get ready to see your kids shocked with this simple Halloween experiment. Although there are some materials you might need to outsource, like tonic water and black light, the learning experience for kids is unmatched.

We created a dedicated list of fun STEM activities and experiments that the family can do this Halloween season.


5. Watch Halloween Family Films Together


In this age of the internet, many service providers feature kid-friendly Halloween movies. However, we often overlook the fact that watching movies is another incredible bonding moment for the family. Sometimes, the best way to enjoy Halloween at home is to sit in one room and watch movies together. Then, watch your kid cuddle up to you when the scary music cues in.

Here are some great kid-friendly Halloween movies that you can watch together this Halloween:


Under Wraps (2021)

Where to watch: Disney+

Under Wraps is a fun Halloween film that children will enjoy watching. Watch as three kids revive an ancient mummy and go on a mystery adventure to bring back the mummy to its resting place.


Scoob (2020)

Where to watch: Amazon

Go back to the very origins of the Mystery Machine gang when they met during Halloween. Don't worry. The mysteries they solve are more fantastic than scary, so it's safe to watch. Plus, kids would have a great time knowing Scooby!


Coco (2017)

Where to watch: Disney+ 

Although not a Halloween film, it still is great to watch on spooktober! The combination of adventure, family, emotion, and singing is a perfect film for kids. Bring some tissue paper with you. Who knows, the family might shed some tears after.


Coraline (2002)

Where to watch: Amazon

Coraline is one of the most famous stop motion films of the decade. If your kids haven't watched it yet, then they're in for a treat! The message is simple: "be careful what you wish for."


DreamWorks Spooky Stories (2009)

Where to watch: Netflix

Scary stories are best told during Halloween. But what if you told them in a haunted castle? This is what this story is all about. If you know Shrek, then you'd know all the characters here too! Watch them face alien pumpkins in this action-adventure.


6. Play Some Fun Halloween Family Games


Games are always fun Halloween at home ideas. If you're considering a game night for the family, then we have two fun STEM challenges that you can try. If you want the full directions on how to perform them, check out the STEM challenges link here!


Bone Bridge

This excellent teamplay STEM game can be a good start to teach about the skeletal system. Using Q-tips and other materials, the goal is to build a sturdy bone bridge that can carry several objects. The Bone Bridge is a fun way to celebrate Halloween at home, especially if you have several kids over!


Tallest Gumdrop Tower

Another way to enjoy Halloween at home is through this other STEM game. Tallest Gumdrop Tower is a fun engineering and skill game for kids. Ever wonder how tall a tower you can make using gumdrops and toothpicks? Put it to the test through this competitive STEM challenge!

If you prefer to stick with simple tabletop games for Halloween, then there are other options you can try. For example, there's the classic Snakes and Ladder, the battle royale style 13 Dead-end Drive, or Cauldron Quest, the team strategy game!

There are many fun ways to celebrate Halloween at home, and games are certainly one of them.




Why is Halloween important to celebrate for kids?

Halloween is important to develop social and emotional skills in children. Joining trick or treats and engaging in fun family activities are essential aspects shaping a child's character and role. Doing experiments when celebrating Halloween at home also imparts new learnings to them.


How to spend Halloween at home?

There are many ways to celebrate Halloween at home, and going out is not a requirement for a worthwhile Halloween Celebration. A simple spooky movie marathon or doing fun experiments are great ways to do this. What matters is that family bonding takes place while at it. This blog features some of the best Halloween at-home activities, and you may check it out for an idea!


Why teach kids STEM on Halloween?

Teaching STEM is perfect during Halloween because this is the time when kids become receptive to science. If you insert some fun STEM experiments, you take advantage of the moment to teach them concepts in science. Plus, experiments are always fun ways to bond and celebrate Halloween at home.


Family Bonding Is Not Only A Halloween Thing

Father buying his children the STEMscope

Even if you're stuck at home, there are countless Halloween at home ideas to choose from. From STEM experiments to a costume party with the family, all of which help foster bonding within the family.

But Halloween is not the only opportunity to incorporate STEM concepts into children. Another terrific way to teach STEM principles to kids is through the use of toys. Our STEMscope portable microscope is one example of a toy that can unleash kids' curious minds. You may get it for 15% OFF plus FREE SHIPPING for a limited time.

Check our entire STEM toys and kits collection here.

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