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      Congratulations on your new STEMKids microscope! We hope it brings you and your family joy as you all explore the microcosms. The microscope has a slight learning curve, but with practice you should be an expert! Here are some tips if you are having trouble focusing the microscope:

      Note: You can use it with or without microscope slides (We prefer not to. Simply remove the bottom cap, point, and view!)

      1. NEVER wear eye glasses while using this (or ANY) microscope. Doing so makes sighting extremely difficult, if not impossible. 

      2. Make sure the LED Lighting is on. If it is not turning on, remove the plastic tab near the battery. Tap the microscope lightly against a surface. If the LED light is not bright even after all these steps, contact us!

      3. Make sure to place it on a flat surface. A flat surface is essential or else it will be difficult to focus. Make sure to press down gently so that there are no gaps between the microscope and the surface. 

      4. Next, choose your magnification (this is the top slider). Once you adjust this, do NOT touch the slider. If you try to adjust the magnification and the bottom knob at the same time, it will be difficult to focus (this is the most common issue). Please note that the top slider is not supposed to be used to focus.

      5. Use the bottom knob to adjust the focus until the image is crystal clear. Make very slight adjustments as needed!

      Don't be scared off by the detailed instructions! Our customers have found that if you or your child spends even as little as 5 minutes of practice, it'll come naturally. If your microscope still does not focus well even after following all the directions, or if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us on our support page!